‘Inspiration Takes A Vacation’ by Annette Mori is a charming romance with a twist. Abby Prentice has writer’s block – and she’s not the only one. All across the Pacific Northwest creative people from all areas of the arts have lost inspiration. A coincidence? Maybe not. When she bumps into a beautiful, but strange, woman on the beach it takes her mind off her troubles for a while. She can’t quite work her out at all. Musetta is on a much needed break and has come to a point in her life where doing what’s expected is not enough for her. She has a lot of thinking to do. In the meantime she feels drawn to the accident-prone Abby, and there’s no harm in exploring that, is there?

The mixture of old and new turned this romance into something quite unexpected. Ms Mori likes to do things just that little bit differently and it works for me. I love the humour and the honesty in her writing. Abby was goofy and clumsy, but also loyal and endearing. Muse had an innocence paired with wisdom – a wonderful combination. They were a wonderful couple and I wanted it to work for them. This is the kind of book to snuggle on the couch with, for a few hours of love, romance and passion. I loved it.

I was given this ARC for review.

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