Ten years after a turbulent snowboarding season in the Alps, Milla Anderson and a group of her old snowboarding friends each receive an invite to a reunion. The invites are not exactly welcome. Who invited them – and more importantly why? It’s not as if they all parted on good terms. As they gather in a deserted ski lodge, miles from anywhere, they begin to worry about what is in store for them all. An icebreaker game turns nasty and fear takes over the group. The disappearance of Saskia a decade before hangs in the air. Secrets and lies abound and Milla doesn’t know who she can trust.

‘Shiver’ is a fantastic mystery, dripping in tension and suspense.  Why they are there is just one part of it, but the gradual unfolding of the story of ten years before makes for a wonderful and addictive novel. Told from the first person pointing of view of Milla, we learn that they all have guilty secrets they would rather didn’t become public. Emotions runs high and there are some surprising revelations that I definitely didn’t see coming. It is so clever. Allie Reynolds brilliantly amps up the tension. I couldn’t put it down. 

I was given this ARC to review.

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