Are you supposed to fall in love with the characters in the book you’re reading? If not, I must have missed that directive. Because it is impossible not to fall for Emily and Skye in KJ’s latest novel, ‘Change of Plans’. Emily is a stickler for planning every last detail of her life. Skye is not. Emily is unsure and worries a lot, and finding a way to be happy is not easy for her. Can she find a way to change? Will Skye be the one to help her do that? Her life as a bike courier suits her. She goes with the flow and hopes for the best. Can two such different women ever make it work?

I loved Emily. Kind, adorable and thoughtful, with her own outlook on life. She is who she is, and that’s fine by me. It takes different strokes and it’d be boring if we were all the same. Skye could see how wonderful she was and felt quite protective of her. This is the kind of book that makes the reader feel all warm and fuzzy. It’s about finding your person. The one who gets you. Because not everyone will, and that’s fine too. It made me feel hopeful, because there are good people out there. We’re so used to hearing the bad stuff on the news – and we forget that there are good people out there with hearts of gold, ready and willing to help others.

It made me smile with joy and happiness. KJ looks into the hearts of her characters and sees the best in them. She has a wonderful  outlook, and it comes through in her writing.

I was given this ARC to review.

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