This is the second of this series that I have read, and it is just as good, if not better than book 5, which told the story of Katheryn Howard. This time we find out about the life of Katharine Parr, the last of Henry VIII’s six wives. Katharine Parr survived the King, and did not suffer the fates of her predecessors, who were either divorced, died or were executed. It’s a fascinating story, of a very strong woman. It’s written in an accessible way, explaining the historical background and characters involved. It’s a fictionalised account, but with an amazing depth of historical knowledge behind it. Katharine was loving and caring, with a sharp intelligence and a backbone. She stood up for her family and friends, in a time where being true to oneself could lead to the Tower.
Alison Weir always takes us from the early childhood of each of the Queens and lets us see what life was like for girls and women in Tudor England. And we see that no matter their rank in life, they were ultimately breeding stock. She shows us the fascinating, witty, clever and accomplished women who had to fight to be anything more brood mares. We see the manipulations of their families and the political intrigue to get them married off to suitable, highly-ranked men.
This was a beautifully told story, showing that the women behind the throne were the true heroes of the Tudor era.

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