Regan and Kylie have been friends forever. It seems everyone else can see they are perfect for each, but they claim they can’t see it. Chemistry teacher Regan decides an experiment is in order. If there is chemistry between them, then her little test should show it. However much they deny it, every little touch sends shivers up their spines. But are either of them willing to risk the friendship for more? 

‘Chemistry Lessons’ is sweet and has the most adorable characters. They were the perfect couple and were closer than most romantic partners, but just couldn’t see what was right in front of them. The mention of characters from Jae’s other books was fantastic. The connections are wonderful and make the reader feel as if they are in on a little secret. It makes them feel a part of this interconnected family of characters. The story was heartwarming and made me so happy.

If a writer can make their readers feel that way, especially in these unusual times, I am thankful.  I really appreciate that Jae does not feel the need to throw too many spanners in the works. Low angst is what I want and I can rely on her every time. Just perfect. 

I was given this ARC for review.

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