What a joy to be back with Faye Crane and ‘Mama’ Chloe Rossi in this third book in the Morelville Cozies series. I’m a huge fan of all of the books Anne Hagan has set in Morelville, so was delighted to find this brand new novel was out now. 

Faye and Chloe are once again involved in a restoration project in their village, but it’s going to cost and they don’t have the funds. Bridget Novak planned to sell some valuable coins to donate some cash to the project, but her coins go missing before she has the chance to auction them. And she’s not the only one to find coins missing. Her old friend Selma finds the same, and the pair draft in Bridget’s actress niece Hattie to help. 

Hattie has left Hollywood after an accusation of witchcraft and plans a quiet life in her adopted home. But as we all know, Morelville is never quiet. Sheriff Mel warns Faye and Chloe from becoming involved in the mystery of the missing coins, but they can’t resist. Along with Hattie they become embroiled in more intrigue and danger. Will they recover the coins? And will they be able to stay safe as the situation escalates? 

I was immediately drawn to this story, as Hattie was a fascinating character, with a twist I was not expecting. It gave the tale an extra zing. The setting is absolutely perfect too. Morelville is beautifully described, and reminds me of that other famous mystery village, St Mary Mead, with its surprising collection of characters. The story was well told and kept me reading well into the night. I love Chloe and Faye investigating, while trying not to irritate Mel too much as they do it. 

‘The Conjuring Comedienne’ hits all the right notes and has kept my Morelville addiction satisfied – until the next one comes along. 

I was given this ARC for review.


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