Writing as Kitty McIntosh and Kitty Kat, I am a writer and poet living on the beautiful west coast of Scotland. I enjoy writing mystery, sci-fi and paranormal stories.

My blog covers reviews of fiction and non-fiction. I love reading mystery, historical fiction, fantasy and sci-fi. I also have a passion for non fiction history books

My Halloween Story ‘An Illuminating Halloween’ is out now:

My Tarbet Witches story ‘ The Women And The Storm’


My story ‘Taking A Leap’ was published by Bold Strokes Books in ‘Silk and Leather’.

My novella ‘Kilbirnie Scotland: The Night Dusty Played’ was published by Jug Run Press in 2019.

My short story ‘The Woman By The River’ was published in 2019. It’s the prequel to a forthcoming novella ‘The Women And The Storm’.

I was delighted top be a part of ‘Lesfic Eclectic’. My story ‘Bristol Blues’ can be found in the ebbok:


My short story ‘The Train to Glasgow Central’ was published in the Sapphire Books Anthology ‘A Heart Well Traveled- Tales of International Love Affairs and Unlikely Outcomes’.

My poem ‘On The Way Out’ was published in ‘Our Happy Hours – LGBT Voices from the Gay Bars’ – edited by S Renée Bess and Lee Lynch. The anthology won the Goldie in 2018 at GCLS in Las Vegas.

I am an avid reader and reviewer and regularly update my blog https://kittykatwordpresscom.wordpress.com.  
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