Review of ‘Greengage Plots’ by Emma Sterner-Radley


‘Greengage Plots’ is sweet, romantic and hilariously funny. The island setting is quaint and full of interesting and quirky characters. I loved the two main characters, Kit and Laura, and want to know more about how life treats them. Kit has recently moved to Greengage island to work in the library and meets the much-loved local girl Laura. Laura belongs to one of the feuding families on the island and is totally adorable, kind and caring. Oh and also seemingly straight! Kit is sincere and would do anything for a friend. She’s also mad about Laura. Their growing friendship is lovely and you can feel Kit’s yearning for more jumping off the page.

Emma Sterner-Radley has hit all the right notes with this beautiful romance.  She shows off her sense of humour at its very best. The story flows so well and I want more of the same. A well-deserved 5 Stars!

I received this ARC for review.


Review of ‘Frozen Dreams’ by Liz McMullen


‘Frozen Dreams’ by Liz McMullen is a beautifully told tale of magic, friendship and love that tugged at my heartstrings from the start. My favourite character, Azure, has had her true path in life robbed from her and her faerie godmother of sorts, Ezra-Elle is determined to get it back for her. Azure has lived a solitary life and is afraid her powers will hurt those she loves. When she is pushed towards Charlie she begins to question what she really wants. In this story one is never sure of people’s motivations. Are they on the level or playing a game? As they are operating in a world of magic, some white and some purely evil it should be easy to tell but it is not at all. Ms McMullen has woven a tale full of surprises and subterfuge and I was fooled more than once. Her characterisation is top-notch and made the women come to life in a very impressive way. I felt every emotion with them – the heartache and despair as well as intense love and passion. She made me feel I know these women. This is one series I would love to see filmed as the characters are so vivid and alive. A great read.

I was given this ARC to review.

Petition to separate Lesbian and Gay Fiction categories on Amazon

K’Anne Meinel has started a petition on to try and persuade Amazon to separate the Lesbian and Gay categories. If you are searching for a lesfic story there is nothing more annoying than being bombarded by tons of m/m books. K’Anne hopes that Amazon will see that the two categories should never be lumped in together.


You can sign her petition at the following link:

Link to petition

K’Anne has written on her blog about the subject and you can find it here:

K’Anne’s Blog on her petition

Review of ‘Wild Magic’ by May Dawney


Ania is involved in something so surprising and dangerous that she can’t fathom what on Earth is happening to her. Noah appears to help her and guide her through what is to come . Is magic real? Ania didn’t think so but she soon finds out there is so much more going on than she was ever aware. This story is the first in a series by May Dawney and certainly piqued my interest. Although it is about dealing with magic and how it affects Ania, it is more about the relationship between the women. It begins to tell the reader about a wider story that is to come in later books. I think as it unfolds there will be even more to keep me wanting to read on. I liked the references to old magic and folklore at the beginning of each chapter. The writing is very good and descriptive and vivid. This feels like the beginning of something big and I am looking forward to reading the whole series together. ‘Wild Magic’ is a good intro to this particular world of magic.

I was given this ARC by the publisher.

Review of ‘Con Sampler: Family, Friends, Love, Murder and Mayhem


‘Con Sampler: Family, Friends, Love, Murder and Mayhem’ by Anne Hagan is the perfect book for those not yet familiar with her work to get a taste of her writing. The stories in this sampler vary from mystery, romance, cozy mystery and short story. I first started reading Ms Hagan’s mysteries and enjoyed them so much I was delighted to try her other books as soon as they came out.

The Morelville Mysteries feature Sherrif Mel, her partner Dana and their extended family. ‘Dana’s Dilema’ has Mel running for Sherrif for the first time and the ladies dealing with a mystery and criminal elements as well as a development in their own personal lives. I really enjoyed the mystery but also the love story between Mel and Dana and how it was taken to another level. I especially enjoy the inclusion of the other characters in each of the Morelville Mysteries. There is something quite special about how they all come together.

‘Broken Women’ is a romance  It is a  brilliant story, wonderfully romantic and helluva sexy. The love scenes were scorching and very detailed. They were meant for each other but getting to the point where they were both ready to see that was the trick. Anne Hagan has written an amazing romantic novel and has managed to surprise and thrill readers like me who love her previous work too. I can’t recommend this story highly enough. It has everything you could wish for in a romance – tenderness, sexual tension and sizzling love scenes.

‘Opera House Ops: The Morelville Cozies – Book 2’ – The second Morelville Cozies book is another winner for Anne Hagan. I already love the characters in this story, especially Faye and Chloe, having met them in ‘The Passed Prop’ and in the Morelville Mysteries, which deal with Mel and Dana. A dead body found in an old opera house in the village sets our heroines off on another investigation and ends up pulling in members of the wider community. The mystery itself is fascinating and really surprised me more than once. The strength of an Anne Hagan book is the brilliant characterisation she has nailed. The ensemble cast really make me feel part of a family and the cozy feel is evident on every page. I want to read more in this vein and hope there is another in the series soon.

Loving Blue in Red States: Salt Lake City Utah

Anne Hagan has written another thought-provoking short story in her latest series. When Amanda plucks up the courage to walk into a gay-owned coffee shop she changes her life in more ways than one. Working for an ultra-conservative Mormon bank she has to keep her private life very private. Will she be able to keep doing that? Rebecca, the barista in said coffee shop awakens something in Amanda, but she has troubles of her own. Will they get past these problems? I enjoyed the setting of the story and the main characters. Amanda had a strength that came to the fore at just the right time and Rebecca was already standing up for herself in the face of prejudice. I am really enjoying the whole series as the author has managed to point out that things are getting better but there are still women who need our support. Especially in these scary political times.

I would recommend giving this sampler a go because it shows exactly what this author can do and I guarantee you will want to read the rest of her work once your try this

Review of ‘The London of Us’ by Clare Lydon


The latest book in Clare Lydon’s London series ‘The London Of Us’ is the coming out story of Alice Di Santo, a woman in her 30s who has always been mistaken for a lesbian, but never was – until now. When she can’t stop thinking about her friend Rachel in some very hot and steamy scenarios she knows she has to do something about it. Can she deal with the repercussions? Will Rachel even feel the same way?  I loved this story with a passion. Claire Lydon writes the most beautifully romantic and funny stories with characters we can identify with. ‘The London Of Us’ is perfect.  It’s like getting together with old friends every time I read one of her books. We get to meet characters from the previous three books in the series and that makes it all the more special. There is a familiarity and feeling of warmth of joy that permeates every page.  I will keep going back to this particular author again and again because her work is of the utmost quality. I know I won’t be disappointed. It just feels right.

I was given this ARC by the author.

Review of ‘Racing for Love’ by JM Dragon and Erin O’Reilly


Lena Corkhill is a horse trainer who finds herself attracted to her boss Kate Lawrence. Both women are strong characters who think they know exactly what they want from life. That is until they meet each other. The attraction is instant but it takes them a while to act on it. ‘Racing for Love’ is a very passionate and hot love story with a ‘boo hiss’ villain in the shape of Cordelia, an ex of Lena’s.

The story gives an interesting insight into the world of thoroughbred horse breeding and horse racing. The connection between the women is much more than I expected and was pivotal. I liked both main characters and the baddie really was a horror in the vein of a pantomime villain.

I was given this ARC by the publisher.

Review of ‘Worth The Wait’ by Karelia Stetz-Waters


Avery Crown, darling of the reality TV scene comes back to her high school reunion. She knows she may bump into the girl who stole her heart 15 years ago. Merrit has never really gotten over her unrequited love for Avery and it has marred every attempt at a relationship since. Avery loved Merrit too  but can’t risk her career if anyone finds out. How can it ever work for them?

I’ve never felt such a connection between two characters. It was powerful and emotional and the feelings were so real. Merrit has such a vulnerability that was fragile . The desire and wanting of so many years had built up into such an intensity that I was overwhelmed with the emotion.  I couldn’t bear for it not to work out. I can’t imagine anyone reading this without a tear in their eye.

The writing style was fast-paced and immediate and left me in no doubt just how important Avery and Merrit were to each other. I loved it so much and I can honestly say it’s my favourite book so far this year. I just wish I could give it more than 5 Stars!

I was provided with a copy from Netgalley and Forever Yours Publishing.

Review of ‘Twisted Deception’ by Isabella

Excellent book! #SupportLesbianAuthors

Kitty Kat's Book Review Blog


‘Twisted Deception’ is an excellently crafted story with more than a few surprises and just the right amount of tension and suspense. It revolves around three women – Addie Blake, hard working employee of Integrated Financial and downtrodden girlfriend, Greyson Hollister, CEO of the company and resident Ice Queen, and Detective Nancy Hill, who is investigating an attack at the company. Without giving anything away I will say that their interactions are fraught with intense emotion and in dealing with serious and scary issues we see more of their personalities and how they change each other. Addie’s relationship with her girlfriend is toxic and affects so much about her life. But I could see a strength in her that was very appealing. Greyson may be the Ice Queen to her employees but seeing the softer, caring side of her was wonderful. Nancy was tenacious and dogged in her pursuit of…

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Review of ‘Letters to Cupid’ by Miranda MacLeod


‘Letters to Cupid’ is a feel-good romance that hits all the right notes. It’s the story of Valentina, a talented Italian chocolatier firmly in the closet. Living in a small town with gossip being one of the main activities of the populace, she fears her secret coming out. Meeting celebrity chef Andie, a woman keeping a very low profile, she begins to question her life choices. A certain statue of Cupid in the town is reputed to show those who ask the face of their soul-mate. And the people of the town are apt to believe it. I liked Valentina and hoped that she could find the happiness she deserved. Andie was caring and fun and her feelings for Valentina were obvious from the start. Miranda Macleod has a talent for humorous writing that can have me laughing out loud one minute and then feeling so emotional the next. She made me believe in the love story between the women, made me root for them. The setting was beautifully described and I could easily imagine why Andie loved it so much. The romance was tender and loving and very hot. This book left me with a very happy feeling. 5 Stars!

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.