Review of ‘Meeting Millie’ by Clare Ashton

‘Meeting Millie’ by Clare Ashton is set in amongst the dreaming spires of Oxford. Upper-class lesbian Charlotte is geeky and awkward and is surprised  to find friendship with the powerhouse that is Millie Banks. Millie is straight, confident and charismatic. No-one could have predicted they would become friends. Ten years after university, they meet again and this time could be different. Can they be friends after all of this time? Or is there a chance of more?

Meeting Millie was so easy to read and so difficult to put down. It had lovely characters and was deliciously heartwarming. It was also beautifully written, and proved to me that Clare Ashton has genuine love for her characters. Oxford is described with real affection too, making it a character in its own right.  

Clare Ashton lovingly takes the reader on a wonderful journey, with the odd emotional blip on the way. But she always gives us the prize in the end. Love wins. The experience is akin to snuggling on your favourite comfy spot, with a warm cup of milky coffee and a delicious cupcake. Comforting, immersive and welcome. 

I was given this ARC to review.

Review of ‘Outcast’ by KJ

‘Outcast’ by KJ is a whirlwind of a fantasy adventure story, with lashings of lovely romance thrown in. Talented metalworker, Rhiannon Clarke I having a terrible week. Her identity is stolen and there are some decidedly dodgy thugs on her tail. When she falls through a portal at the back of the laundromat, her week is about to become a whole lot stranger. The land of Bruela is definitely not Melbourne, and the inhabitants insist on renaming her Sevich. Her talent for manipulating metal make her important to them and she must decide if going back home is what she really wants. Especially since she has feelings for Ori, a princess of the realm. 

I liked the world building. It was impressive, and not at all stuffy. There were medieval elements, but it was built on, and the imagined universe was cleverly constructed. Although this was a love story, it was also a fantasy adventure.

With her usual irreverent and down to earth style, KJ took the reader on quite a ride. Sev didn’t take herself seriously and the humour really added to the story. The parallels to some pertinent issues of our time impressed me, and I found the novel thought-provoking. A very enjoyable read.

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Stolen Ambition’ by Robyn Nyx

‘Stolen Dreams’ by Robyn Nyx is set in the world of Mexican drug cartels, where escaping the clutches of the drug lords is a dream to which few can aspire. Luca Romera has been betrayed and finds herself trapped on a drug farm, with little prospect of a free life. Marissa Vargas, the beautiful and kind daughter of the cartel boss, has her own reasons for wanting out. But freedom seems just as elusive for her. As the pair become entwined in a fight for survival, they must rely on each other, and hope that they can flee before anyone finds out. Will their growing feelings for each other be enough to keep their dreams alive? And will they ever break free from the desperation and fear of life under Marissa’s evil father?

We can always rely on Robyn Nyx to ramp up the tension, and this story was no exception. The suspense was immense and I couldn’t put it down. She pitched the fear of living under the drug lords perfectly. It was brutal and scary, and individuals meant nothing to those making money from their labour. I could feel the sense of hopelessness in those forced to toil in the fields.

The relationship between Marissa and Luca was intense, emotional, and so passionate. It‘s the best written love story between any of her characters. I’ve read all of her books so far and this tops them all. It felt so real and immersive from the start. Being forced to share a plan for escape pulled the women together, but the attraction was already there, and grew stronger as they fought to survive the carnage.

I also appreciated the various ‘Easter Eggs’ scattered throughout the story. If you’re a fan of lesfic, you’ll pick up on those quickly. A brilliant story I can see myself going back to again and again. 

I was given this ARC to review.

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Review of ‘Christmas In Heaven’ by Lise Gold

‘Christmas In Heaven’ by Lise Gold is the story of Helen, a professional matchmaker working for Heaven, a high-end company specialising in bringing wealthy couples together. When she is tasked with organising the Christmas party, she turns to the services of Matilda, a corporate events planner. When attraction bubbles between them, their own self-imposed rules about love may prevent them from acting on it. Helen has a very scientific approach, which tells her she and Matilda are a match made in hell, not heaven. And Matilda tells herself she is far too busy to even think about love. Will they be able to stick to their own rules? Or will true love conquer all? 

This is the first book by Lise Gold I have read, and I’m kicking myself for waiting so long. I adore her writing style and the beautiful descriptive touch she has. Told from alternating points of view, this is a fun, cosy and wonderfully romantic novella. I loved London in the festive season. Lise Gold captures it so well. She notices every little detail, and through her writing, she allows the reader to feel as if they are really there. 

This was a refreshing story, with originality and the feel-good factor. The perfect, heart-warming Christmas romance.

I was given this Arc to review.

Review of ‘Lines of Love’ by Brey Willows

‘Lines of Love’ by Brey Willows is the story of Eris Ardalides, the Muse of Love. A Muse who has lost any interest in love. As she sees it, love doesn’t mean anything anymore. Why bother? Grace Gordon, a divorce lawyer, is privy to the worst of relationships, and has no desire to become entangled in one herself. Like Eris, sex is fine, just don’t expect her to settle for anything less than perfection. 

When Eris is sued for failing in her perceived duty to those seeking love, Grace takes on the case. Attraction is certainly a factor between them, but since they’ve both sworn off love, how can it ever work out? As they fight to save Eris’s reputation and what it might mean for the rest of the gods and immortals, will they give in to their passion? 

I love the world Brey Willows has created. She writes about the interaction between gods and mortals in a fascinating and engaging way. Although I’ve read the whole series, and the previous books about Afterlife Inc, there is no need to have done so to enjoy this book. It works just as well as a stand-alone. But you’d be missing out if you didn’t check out the entire body of work. 

This isn’t just romance, there’s peril and danger this time. And boy, does she know how to up the ante! It was great to have some of my favourite characters show up and play a part in this novel too. My favourite Afterlife Inc character, Dani, is always a welcome addition to any story. 

It’s emotional and passionate and utterly beautiful. Love conquers all. Brey Willows excels again.

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Crevice Chaos’ by Anne Hagan

Anne Hagan’s writing never fails to delight me. ‘Crevice Chaos’ is no exception. Bethany decides to treat girlfriend Renn to a Halloween adventure in Crevice Cave, hundreds of feet under ground, with the prospect of flying bats, cold and damp. For women who spend their working lives in such conditions it’s actually quite a fun idea. But Bethany’s plan is to search for a long forgotten witch’s coven meeting room. When things don’t go according to plan, the women must keep their wits about them if they are to reach the surface intact. 

Anne Hagan build up the tension magnificently in this story. One can almost feel the cold and the creepy feelings engendered in the women as they crawl through the caves. I love short stories and this author has mastered the art. ‘Crevice Chaos is a spine-tingling story with a great twist. 

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Only Human’ by Audrey Wilson

Everyone has crushes, don’t they? But not like Leece Dresden. Just one look at supermarket worker, Frankie, changes her forever. Leece’s life is a mystery to her, as she can’t remember anything from before her nineteenth birthday. None of that matters though. Frankie becomes her everything and she’ll do anything to keep that wonderful feeling whenever she is in her presence. When memories of her past start to seep through she must find out what it all means. But will that jeopardise her relationship with Frankie?

‘Only Human’ was an intriguing story and kept me reading, as I needed to find out the true story behind Leece’s past. I felt invested in the relationship between Leece and Frankie and wanted it to work.

‘Only Human’ is an intriguing story – satisfying surprising and with heart. I couldn’t stop reading. I enjoyed it.

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘A Christmas Catch’ by Clare Lydon

‘The Christmas Catch’ by Clare Lydon is what happens when the object of a teenage crush comes into your life 20 years later. Ali has been crazy about Morgan Scott since Morgan was best friend to Ali’s big sister years ago. Mooning over the delicious Morgan Scott took up most of her waking hours back then, and she can’t quite believe they are now living in the same city. As both board a plane for Devon to spend Christmas with their respective families, they are about to start an adventure that will change their lives forever. 

This story had it all. A snowy road trip, a romantic adventure, and a love story in the making. When Ali and Morgan are forced to find a way home in the depths of winter, they begin to see each other in a new light. They were funny and sweet and ultimately extremely passionate. I loved their interactions. 

I found the settings in this story absolutely wonderful. Starting in Glasgow, I recognised so many of the locations. I loved a Lake District interlude too, and finally the beautiful county of Devon. It makes an huge difference to find new places to set a novel. Clare Lydon hit the jackpot with these. 

‘A Christmas Catch’ is about second chances, love and passion. It’s about realising what it really important in life – and having the courage to take a leap. A wonderful Christmas story.

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘The Sex Therapist Next Door’ by Meghan O’Brien

Diana Kelley helps couples with sex and intimacy problems – but wants none of it for herself. A bad experience has put her off for life. Or so she thinks. When she unexpectedly needs help with a rather interesting problem, convincing her hot young neighbour to help leads to some very steamy encounters.

Meghan o’Brien does it once again. Her novels have a heat level unrivalled by any other. She also knows how to tell a great story, with believable characters. I loved it.

I was given this ARC for review.