Review of ‘The Yellow Tandem’ by Sam Skyborne

‘The Yellow Tandem’ is a lovely FREE story, heart-warming and beautifully described. Told from the point of view of a London commuter, it will resonate with those who see the same sights and sometimes the same people every day, but never go on to meet them. Our commuter wonders about the rider of the yellow tandem and I was intrigued too. Why would someone cycle to work every day on a tandem by themselves? Who are they? Finding out was fascinating. A great wee story. 

I was given this ARC for review.

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Review of ‘Up on the Roof’ by A.L. Brooks


A.L. Brooks has a deft touch for writing real, flawed individuals who nevertheless make us fall in love with them. Lena is one such character. She is seemingly closed off, abrasive, rude and hard to love at first but given time and understanding I saw past all of that. She didn’t  get that way without cause. Megan, her new neighbour is kind, considerate and willing to get to know her. Their story is one of opposites who end up living together when Lena needs somewhere to live in an emergency. Can they every manage to share a flat without driving each other mad? Will they ever be more than just flat mates? I enjoyed finding out and became more and more enamoured as the story progressed.

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Review of ‘Sullied Sally’ by Anne Hagan

sullied sally

I think this might be my favourite Morelville Mystery to date. I’ve read every one and enjoyed following Sheriff Mel, her wife Dana and their family, friends and colleagues through many mysteries. This one concerns the death of a distant family member and ties in with the previous story  ‘The Turkey Tussle’. It’s certainly beneficial to have read that one too but not entirely necessary. The story is well written and addictive – I couldn’t put it down. There are so many twists and turns that I didn’t want to miss anything.

I loved the forays into the home life of Mel and Dana as it was all tied into the case. This was Mel’s book really as it dealt with her family and their involvement in an old murder from the 1970s as well as one from the present day. As Mel is most definitely my favourite character in the series this was a big bonus for me. And I know there is more to come from Anne Hagan’s excellent mystery series so that makes me a very happy reader. I highly recommend ‘Sullied Sally’ and give it 5 Stars.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Spring’s Wake’ by Aurora Rey



This is the third book in the Cape End Romance series by Aurora Rey and another wonderful love story. Nora runs a guest house in Provincetown and has had her niece Graham staying with her while she works on the tourist boats. When Graham brings her friend Will home Nora finds herself disconcerted. After a bad break-up in the past she has kept away from women and is disturbed at the attraction to this younger woman. Will is bowled over too but neither of them have the guts to act on their attraction.

I really liked both main characters, but especially Will, who had a gentle, kind manner and was struggling after a disastrous relationship with an abusive partner. It’s no wonder Nora was drawn to the adorable butch. As they got to know each other it was so obvious they were meant to be, but each had to get past the the baggage they were carrying. The P/Town setting was idyllic and the supporting cast of characters from the previous books made it feel welcoming and homely. The love story was slow and perfectly timed, with a fair amount of heat. I loved it and hope that this isn’t the last from this particular series.

I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books in return for an honest review.

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Review of ‘Fury’s Death’ by Brey Willows

fury death

I’ve been looking forward to this next book in the amazing Fury series. Meg is the third Fury sister and all about sex and fun and no commitment. She has harboured a liking for Dani Morana, otherwise known as Death. The feeling is mutual but neither have acted on it over the centuries. Huge and disturbing changes in the world, caused by Dis (Chaos), make everyone re-evaluate and maybe, just maybe the pair can become important to each other.

I enjoyed finding out more about Afterlife and the complexities of the organisation and the departments run by each god. Meg and Dani play a big part in how it reacts to the problems caused by Dis. This allowed us to see how the women changed as a result of the challenges they were faced with. Meg is more than the facade she has shown to the world thus far. And as for Dani- I never imagined I would ever say that Death was adorable, but in this case it is oh so true. I loved her. There are some very hot sex scenes that are filled with emotion and variety. They really add to the story and make us see just how important Meg and Dani have become to each other.

Brey Willows has again managed to weave a brilliant story using myths, ancient gods and a present day story that is fascinating and unique. A well deserved 5 Stars!

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Review of ‘The Taste of Her’ by Jess Lea


The enticing cover of’ Taste of Her’ is a good indication of what is in store for the reader. It is a very sexy, well written anthology of erotic tales guaranteed to satisfy. I particularly enjoyed ‘A Literary Lesson’ where a poet has a very interesting encounter that made an author reading unexpectedly hot. I look forward to more in the same vein.

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Review of ‘Just For Show’ by Jae


‘Just For Show’ is a Fake Girlfriend story so impeccably written and with such depth of emotion that I can see me re-reading it again and again. The storytelling appears effortless and flows so well. I wish I knew Jae’s secret! She manages to write such believable and sympathetic characters that draw us into their world so completely.

Psychologist Claire is trying to get her book on relationships published and needs to convince her prospective publisher that she is madly in love with her fiancée. The problem is she has just broken up with her fiancée and needs a new one quickly. Hiring an actress to play the part seems like the solution. Lana is the complete opposite of OCD Claire and how they deal with living together and convincing others they are in love is just perfect. Of course there is a whole lot more to Claire’s OCD behaviour and to Lana’s particular issues. These are dealt with in a caring and understanding way. I almost jumped for joy at the inclusion of Jill and Crash from ‘Just Physical’ and Laleh and Hope from ‘Heart Trouble’. Yet again Jae has penned a winner and had me swooning.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Girl Love Happens Season Two’ by TB Markinson

Wow! TB Markinson really knows how to build up the tension. In ‘Girl Love Happens’ season 2 Tegan and Gemma are in their second year of college and as usual things do not go entirely smoothly. Tegan gets herself into a pickle and her attempts to make it right are hilarious, ridiculous and had me biting my fingernails with worry. That girl knows how to make things difficult for herself.

I enjoyed this book ever more than the first as the character development is spot on and I felt immersed in the world of G&T. The sex is even hotter and rather more adventurous and who could complain about that? I just hope there will be a season three as I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Diamond Dreams’ by Ali Spooner


‘Diamond Dreams’ is the story of Cam St Angelo and her move to college and the softball league she has been dreaming of joining. Cam comes from the Louisiana bayous and her close-knit family life is a far cry from the life she leads at college. And very different from that of her roomie Tab.

I loved finding out about the life of the St Angelo family and I’m glad this is the first in a series because I want more of them. Cam’s youngest sister Sandy was adorable and her parents were loving and accepting people. The story was told at a relaxed, easy-going pace that was perfect for the type of life lived in the bayous . Cam’s sexual awakening was natural and beautifully done. She was a lovely character, full of wonder and hope and seemed to charm those around her. I was so glad she had Tab to introduce her to college life. She was sweet, generous and kind . I know absolutely nothing about softball but that didn’t matter at all. I rather enjoyed finding out about it through Cam’s eyes. I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

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Review of Indiscretions (Carpenter & Harding #1) by Barbara Winkes


‘Indiscretions’ is the first in the Carpenter/Harding suspense series and I can’t believe I’ve taken so long to start reading the series. Ellie finds herself on a task force working a murder/abduction case with Jordan, a senior officer and someone she can’t stop thinking about. Women have gone missing, some have turned up dead, and Ellie may have been one of his intended victims. The case is chilling at times as we see exactly how he treats the women he abducts. I was on the edge of my seat. The growing attraction between Ellie and Jordan is not without complications – namely Bethany, Jordan’s controlling and thoroughly unlikeable girlfriend. I wanted Jordan to have the strength to get well away from her. The heat between Ellie and Jordan was intense and much more than just sex. There was feeling and I wanted them to explore it.  I was very impressed with this book and want to find out what is in store for the pairing. A really good read.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.


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