Review of ‘The Rise of the Resistance-Phoenix One’ by Jackie D

‘The Rise of the Resistance’ is a dystopian vision of a future where climate change could not be stopped in time. It’s an excellent story of people who have been waiting so long to fight back against tyranny. The parallels to the situation in the USA now are stark and profound 

It’s a story that acts as a warning. 

Arrow has trained her whole life to protect Phoenix One, the woman who is destined to lead the Resistance when they need her most. Kaelyn Trapp has been cryogenically frozen as part of the Phoenix Project and willingly takes on the mantle of leader. They are powerfully drawn to each other but can they resist? Will giving in jeopardise the important work they have to do? 

I was really impressed by Jackie D’s story and felt it had a truth and reality to it. She brought to life an America where things had gone badly wrong, but she gave me hope that all was not lost. The world she has imagined was compelling and the characters were so well developed. Arrow and Kaelyn felt right together but whether they could ever take that step had me wishing and hoping. Arrow was  loyal and strong and determined. Kaelyn was brilliant and the person one would want to lead in a fight for good.  The bad guys were truly despicable. And the fact that I could imagine such a scenario was scary.   I just hope this book gets the coverage it deserves. I highly recommend it. 

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Chosen’ by Brey Willows


Brey Willows makes me feel, really feel – and that’s a rare skill in a writer. It’s her attention to the small intimate moments as well as the overall arc that stands out for me in ‘Chosen’. A group of scientists from all over the world have been chosen to escape the predicted extinction of the human race as the planet slowly dies. Devin Rossi and Karissa Decker meet on a compulsory convoy to the base where the planned move to another world will start. But will they want to go – and will they get any say in the matter anyway? A raider group trying to help those destined to live out their lives on Earth may change everything.

The journey the scientists take is fraught with danger. The descriptions are so brilliantly drawn, I could feel the rain and was in the storms, experiencing it all with them. Climate change is in full force and so much worse than anyone thought. Following those dealing with the results was engrossing and immersive. The writing was faultless and took me to the places the author imagined. I was gripped and didn’t want to let go. I needed to know what happened next.

The love story through it all took place amidst chaos and difficult life-changing decisions. I ached for the women as they dealt with their growing feelings and passion, never knowing how it would all end. Finding someone to love and being faced with such huge dilemmas was truly emotional. ‘Chosen’ is an excellent novel and makes me realise that Brey Willows can write in any genre she wants -I’ll be first in line to read it.

I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Bold Strokes for review.

Review of ‘Kai’s Heart’ by Renee Mackenzie



I love the start of a great new series. ‘Kai’s Heart’ by Renee Mackenzie is the first in the Karst Series and published by Affinity EBook Press. Kai Brodie is the daughter of a famous resistance general and ends up in a prison run by the Anointed. She is stunned at her unexpected attraction to one of the guards but can’t deny it. This dystopian adventure is set in an America of the future, where religious bigotry has led to zealots perverting faith as a means of controlling those who disagree with them. It has very interesting parallels for today’s America.

I found the world Renee Mackenzie imagined fascinating and look forward to finding out much more in the rest of the series she has planned. The relationship between Kai and Rachel is complex and has depth. Their interactions with the others involved in fighting for peace felt real. I like where it’s going and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review .

Review of ‘Conquest – Kai’s Story’ by Kaden Shay

Conquest: Kai's Story

This is the first in ‘The Four Horsemen Series’ by Kaden Shay and it’s a great start. Kai is a General and part of the Regens group who have survived the radiation that killed off a huge swathe of the human population over 200 years ago. They have mutated to different degrees. She is a level four and is long lived, strong and heals easily. She is one of four Generals, all female. They are in constant conflict with the Purists, who proved to be immune to the radiation but remain ‘normal’ humans. Skirmishes between the groups result in a few women and children arriving in Kai’s compound and the introduction into her life of Hayley. The story of their growing relationship is sweet and tender and a strong emotional tie is forged between them. This becomes important to the whole book as the tensions between the generals and between the Regens and Purists really intensify. I really loved this book and found myself totally immersed in the world Kaden Shay has imagined. It is very well written and engaging and I can’t wait for the next one in the series. A well deserved 5 stars.

I was given this ARC free by Supposed Crimes Publishers in return for an honest review.