Review of ‘Treacherous Seas’ by Radclyffe

Radclyffe made me smile again. Going back to Provincetown and to some old friends, was exactly the tonic I needed in these difficult times. As Reese Conlon and her wife Tory await a much anticipated birth, the town faces an unknown threat. Andy Champlain, a rookie cop, is working the busy summer months in Provincetown. Sometimes it seems she’s trying too hard to prove herself. But to whom? Encountering the new PA at Tory’s clinic, Laurel,  certainly brightens her day, and she has no complaints when a mysterious outbreak on a berthed cruise ship keeps bringing them together. 

I loved how all of the main characters were brought together to deal with the outbreak. Seeing their work and home lives mingle was fascinating. And it made the story more real. The writing is such that the reader feels an affinity to these characters. We can identify with them. Radclyffe manages to engender a feeling of belonging, of being home. I enjoyed the romantic elements immensely, but the mystery aboard the cruise ship piqued my interest even more. I love a good mystery – in this case a medical mystery. Seeing how they all coped made me think it might turn out OK for us all in the end. A fantastic read.

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Autumn’s Light’ by Aurora Rey


Aurora Rey has shown a mastery of evoking setting and this is especially evident in her Cape End romances set in Provincetown. I have loved this entire series and the fact that my favourite characters pop up in this one too is wonderful. ‘Autumn’s Light’ is the story of Graham, a naturalist working on a dolphin spotting boat. She wants her happily ever after but is fed up waiting for it to happen. When she spots a gorgeous woman working one of the lobster boats in the harbour, she tells herself she can keep it casual and no-strings. Mat makes it clear she can’t offer more than that. Can either of them stick to their guns?

Their story was off-the-scale in terms of sexual intensity and emotion. Mat’s journey was complex and I felt my emotions change towards her as the novel progressed. I really liked her and felt great empathy for her. Graham was sweet and caring and I hoped that she would get what she really craved. I loved that we also got to see Graham and Mat interact  with her Aunt Nora and girlfriend Will. We got to see so many sides of Graham this way – as a niece, a friend, a scientist and a lover.

There was a calm, cosy and homely feel right away in the story and the feel-good quotient had me hoping this was not going to be the end of this series. I highly recommend ‘Autumn’s Light’.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.