Review of ‘Wendy of the Wallops’ by Gill McKnight


Wendy of the Wallops (The Wallops, #2)


‘Wendy of the Wallops’ by Gill McKnight is an absolute delight.  PC Wendy seems to be permanently awkward and embarrassed, especially around attractive women.  She has recently come out to her friend and local vicar, Jane and her partner Renata from the first book in the series.  She hasn’t quite worked up the courage to tell her family or her work colleagues.  When she is asked to keep an eye out on young Lexi, whose father has gone on the run from his witness protection programme, she comes into contact with local artist and Guide Leader Keira.  Between being constantly annoyed by Keira, her hot new boss from the Met and her cute doctor, Wendy is surrounded by women who confuse and arouse her.  This is a story about a totally adorable character following her path towards accepting and being happy with her sexuality.  It is also hilarious and sweet and I highly recommend it.


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Review of ‘Doctored’ by K’Anne Meinel


I was completely and utterly gripped by this novel and devoured it with gusto.  I thought the African setting where young Dr Deanna and nurse Madison meet was wonderfully described and I felt I was right there.  Madison and Deanna fall for each other but Madison is so scared of gossip and her desire to have children seems to be more important than her relationship with Deanna.  When they meet up years later in L.A. can they find a way past a myriad of problems?  Madison’s ex-husband is one of those problems and Catholic guilt from her family doesn’t help either.  Deanna has some secrets of her own that prove interesting too.  The constant through the whole story is the love they have for each other and the immense passion.  This was a fantastic read and I highly recommend it.  Now I just have to read everything from K’Anne Meinel that I can get my hands on as she has a new fan.


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Review of ‘New Life’ by Jan Gayle

New Life

Trig and Karrie have a great relationship and Trig wants it to stay that way.  She has never wanted kids but when Karrie gets pregnant from a donor on the first attempt she feels backed into a corner.  She hasn’t been able to make her real feelings clear to Karrie and worries that once the baby comes she won’t be a good mother and she’ll be pushed into the background as Karrie gets what she has always wanted.  This was a well written story of an ordinary marriage between two women and the problems they face when they haven’t been completely open with each other.  I liked Trig and could see where she was coming from.  She was scared and felt unable to confide this in Karrie who frankly had a tendency to go cold on anyone who disagreed with her.  She was quite single-minded in her goal of having a family.  The story dealt with how they work through their differences and it was interesting to see how this developed.  


I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Loving Blue in Red States: Jackson Hole Wyoming’ by Anne Hagan

Loving Blue in Red States: Jackson Hole Wyoming


Review of ‘Faith in Rayne’ by Dannie Marsden

Faith in Rayne


I enjoyed this story of lesbian love in the Wild West.  Rayne and Lisbet live with their son Ben on a ranch but Rayne years for more land in a better location.  When she sets off for Colorado to buy some land she leaves her family behind.  Being shot leaves her with memory problems and she ends up in the arms of a conniving redhead.  Can she ever remember her past and her family? How will Lisbet react when she finds out? I liked the western setting and the interesting collection of characters around Rayne.  I haven’t read the previous books in the serious but I didn’t find that a problem.  I got into the story really quickly and now I want to go back and read more about Rayne’s past.  


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Review of ‘Unbroken’ by Donna K Ford

Unbroken by Donna K. Ford

I thought this was going to be the story of two women who each had reasons to back off commitment and how they got past it.  It was so much more than that. Kayla and Jackie had difficult pasts neither had dealt with. How they dealt with these difficulties made this novel a very interesting read. They needed each other to become complete and happy but would they ever be able to see that. There was a fair amount of emotional intensity and it was so well written. Donna K Ford didn’t back away from the ugly truths of life but she also wrote some beautiful tender moments and love scenes full of joy. A wonderful read I can highly recommend.

I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books in return for an honest review.

Review of Huntress by A.E. Radley



‘Huntress’ is a great story, with a touch of humour that is perfectly pitched.  Amy works at a service station and sees customer Cara every day until one day she doesn’t turn up. Amy reports her missing but the  police are dismissive, so she decides to look into it herself.  What ensues is a mad dash across country, a gorgeous pursuer in Claudia and some laugh out loud moments that had me in stitches.  I love the character of Amy – she was so honest and truthful and managed to see the best in everyone.  A. E. Radley’s writing has a wonderful descriptive quality that had me right there in the midst of all the chaos.  I loved it!

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Review of ‘Her Best Friend’s sister’ by Meghan O’Brien

Her Best Friend's Sister by Meghan O'Brien


Review of ‘Loving Blue in Red States:Birmingham, Alabama’ by Anne Hagan

Loving Blue in Red States: Birmingham Alabama


This is an interesting story of women fighting for what they believe in and the obstacles they come up against.  Izzy is a mechanic in the Air National Guard and is keeping her head down and is in the closet at work.  The fear of losing everything because of bigots at work is a real worry.  Her girlfriend Aslyn is hoping to train as a nurse.  A Women’s march in Birmingham brings out a lot of right wing protesters – will the women be able to overcome their fears and attend the rally?  This is the second short story in this series and follows lesbians living in conservative states.  I enjoyed it and found it surprising at times.  Seeing life through the eyes of so many different women at different stages of their lives and from different backgrounds is an inspired concept.

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Review of ‘Back in the Saddle’ by Ali Spooner


Back in the Saddle