Review of ‘The Bee Charmer’ by Ali Spooner

Tne Bee Charmer

The Bee Charmer is one of those books to wallow in, to enter a world gone by. Nat is a trader and trapper who finds her life turned upside down when her father dies. She meets beautiful widow Marissa in town and is torn between her love of the wild and her feelings for this woman. Their story and that of their friends is beautifully told, with such wonderfully descriptive writing that made me feel part of a gentler time. It took me back to a time past and I felt as if I could smell the clean air, I could imagine the woods filled with trees and animals . Pioneer life was described in intricate detail and it was fascinating. Nat and Marissa worked hard and made use of everything around them and their ingenuity knew no bounds. I loved reading about their lives and how the pioneers found ways to survive in new lands. Their story was also one of passion and sexual intensity that was quite breath-taking. Ali Spooner caught me off guard too with some surprising moments that I didn’t see coming. I adored it and highly recommend ‘The Bee Charmer’

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Finger Food:  A Sample Platter of Lesbian Fiction

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Review of ‘Finding Fire’ by Sheila Powell and Liz McMullen


Finding Fire by Shelia Powell

I loved the collection of characters in this great story.  Sheila Powell and Liz McMullen have imagined a world of good and evil but the lines become blurred between those realms and you never quite know where they are going to go with it next.  Tia runs a home for supernatural foster kids and when her own daughter, Magnolia, is kidnapped she needs help from them all.  Her sister Scarlett arrives to aid them and the interaction between the two sisters is one of the most interesting elements of the book.  Scarlett straddles both worlds and Tia struggles with that.  The authors have managed to make all of the various characters fascinating and I got more and more hooked as it went on.  I liked Lilith as she was angry and surly but there was much more to it.  Her love for Kayla was her redeeming quality. Magnolia was just wonderful and oh so funny.  She really lightened the mood when all around her was chaos and evil deeds!  A really enjoyable read.


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Review of ‘Unexpected’ by Jenny Frame

Unexpected by Jenny Frame

This book deserves 10 Stars and I can confidently say it’s the best I’ve read in a very long time. When a ten year old boy turns up at Dale’s garage claiming to be her son life will never be the same. She has lived a life full of women and cars and no responsibility but that is all about to change. Pregnant Rebecca Harper is hiding a family secret and keeps everyone at arms length. She is terrified when Dale comes on the scene. Will she ever be able to trust? 

As they get to know each other the attraction is electric and I so wanted it to work out for them.  Dale is totally adorable and I defy anyone to resist falling in love with her as they read this beautiful story. A gorgeous butch with a heart of gold she surprises everyone around her, including Rachel. Jenny Frame has written the most amazing love story with the most intensely passionate and sexy love scenes. And I’ll admit to a few happy tears – trust me you won’t be able to hold them back either!

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Review of ‘Planning for Love’ by Erin Dutton

Faith McKenna and Rachel Union don’t get off to the best start.  Rachel walks in on the wedding co-ordinator in a compromising position with her best friend Violet.  It seems Faith has a reputation for sleeping with her clients.  Rachel makes it her mission to ensure Violet gets down the aisle by keeping a close eye on Faith but will she find out Faith is a lot more than she seems on the surface?

This was a delightful story of two women who want very different things in life and have each become stuck in the roles they have made for themselves.  Faith’s past has led her to believe that one-night stands are all she needs.  Rachel wants the happy ever after and won’t settle for anything less.  I could see where they were coming from and that it would take something really special to move them from their entrenched positions.  I loved that characters from Erin Dutton’s previous book, ‘Capturing Forever’ were part of the story. I’m glad that Casey got to play a part in helping things along for Faith and Rachel.

The romance is slow burning and sexy and sure to leave a smile on the reader’s face.  A wonderful feel-good story that I am sure to go back and re-read.


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Review of ‘Mergers and Acquisitions’ by A.E. Radley


Mergers & Acquisitions by A.E. Radley

A.E. Radley certainly knows how to write strong women characters and has managed to make this story of two marketing execs and their power struggle endearing, romantic and more than a little surprising.  Kate and Georgina are business rivals with grudges to bear but are forced to work together on a big project. Their antagonism is palpable and it takes young assistant Sophie all her time and energy to keep them both reasonably happy. The story went in directions I wasn’t expecting – much to my delight.  Sophie was my favourite character as she shy, sweet and initially bumbling but there was so much more beneath the surface. Dealing with personal as well as workplace dilemmas challenged her.  How would she come out of it all?  I won’t spoil the romantic elements, but needless to say A.E. Radley knows how to tug at her readers’ heartstrings. I loved it!


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Review of ‘Razor’s Edge’ by Isabella

Razor's Edge (Yakuza III)

‘Razor’s Edge’ is edge of the seat stuff and it had me hooked from the start. Luce Potter is head of the Yakuza and is hell bent on revenge after her lover Brooke was almost killed by a traitor in their midst.  Throw in some Russian mobsters and a tight-paced story that pulls the reader right into the shady underworld inhabited by Luce and her compatriots and you won’t want to put this book down.  Isabella has written a tense and addictive thriller that still manages to show the softer and intensely passionate side of Luce and Brooke’s relationship. I loved it and highly recommend this 5 Star read. 

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Review of ‘You Make Me Tremble’ by Karis Walsh

You Make Me Tremble

This story was a slow burner but really had me rooting for Iris and Casey. Iris runs an animal shelter on a small island near Seattle and finds her life thrown into disarray by an earthquake. Seismologists Casey comes to the island to make recordings and observations in the hope of giving earlier warnings to residents in the future . They are instantly attracted  but keep rubbing each other the wrong way. I enjoyed finding out how they dealt with their attraction and how their lives impacted the settled ways they had been living. The island setting and geological background fascinating. There were some beautiful romantic and passionate moments as well as some heartbreak. Karis Walsh has the wonderful ability to convince the reader that true love really does exist. She certainly made me believe it in this lovely, sweet story.

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Review of ‘Repercussions’ by Jessica L Webb



Jessica L Webb has done something I didn’t think possible – she has surpassed herself and written a book that had me even more enthralled than her Dr Kate Morrison series. Edie is recovering from a head injury sustained when a car hit her a year previously.  She meets Skye Kenny, ex-soldier and helper at a PTSD support group. When strange things start happening to Edie she confides in Skye and realises she is not paranoid and is in real danger.  This was a fast-moving story, full of twists and turns and never let up.  I was up all night reading as I could not put it down.  I wanted to know if Edie was going to be safe, if Skye, her protector, was going to become much more.  I really loved Skye. She was strong, fiercely intelligent but so shy and vulnerable when it came to Edie.  Edie was unsure of herself, scared and in need of someone to be there for her.  As well as being a brilliant thriller, there were some utterly beautiful and tender moments, full of passion and intensity.  I highly recommend ‘Repercussions’ and give it 5+ Stars.


I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Bold STrokes Books in return for an honest review.