Review of ‘Footprints’ by Ali Spooner

I must admit to being a huge fan of the Strong Southern Women Series by Ali Spooner. ‘Footprints’ is book 4 and follows the story of Sandy, the youngest of the family. She has looked up to her older sister Cam, and hopes to be as good as her some day in helping run the family businesses. When floods endanger the people of Baton Rouge, Sandy and Cam volunteer with the Cajun Navy and help save those affected. 

I loved reading more about Sandy, and seeing her as a grown woman. The whole family come together to keep their way of life going in the Bayou. I felt a part of their lives for a while, as the writing flows so well. The descriptions are wonderfully vivid and the emotional and romantic lives of the sisters so true. A great story.

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Review of ‘The Trophy Wives Club’ by Ali Spooner

‘The Trophy Wives Club’ by Ali Spooner is a fun, sexy and empowering read. Lindy Fremont decides that the women of Atlanta need a very special type of club all to themselves. One where they’ll get a great workout in more ways than one. She recruits the woman who has been giving her the most wonderful massages every week for the past few years – and leaves it to her to staff it with a few of her friends. One of them is Luna, a hot stud who Marley is attracted to, but would never let her know. She’s the settling down type and Luna appears to be all for a good time and no commitment. Will that change as they spend more time together setting up the club?

Now, when I realised what kind of club this was I wasn’t sure what to think. But Ali Spooner allayed my fears. The women do what they do because they want to. It’s all about women and they are always in control.  It’s respectful. Within a few pages I knew this was a fantastic idea for a book, and the more I read, the more convinced I was. It is light-hearted and very hot and steamy. I really enjoyed it and was happy to find that this is part of a series – and one of my favourite authors, Annette Mori is writing the next one.

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Review of ‘True North: Strong Southern Women 3’ by Ali Spooner


This third book in the Strong Southern Women series by Ali Spooner ‘True North’ is set 10 years after the events at the end of ‘Gator Girlz’. Cam is the head of the the family business and all of the St Angelo girls have moved on in their lives. They are still together on the homestead working and doing what they can to keep the family together and afloat. I loved reading about their adult lives and loves as well as the various activities they are involved in to contribute to the finances of the whole family.

In this book there’s a fair bit of worry for Cam and her sisters but they are such a strong unit and I hoped that they could pull together and get through it. Sandy has turned into a fine young woman and it was interesting to encounter her as an adult this time. It was a close thing between her and Cam as to who was my favourite character. I really enjoyed my time with the St Angelo girls again and I implore Ali Spooner to consider writing more in this series. I don’t want to let them go just yet!

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Review of ‘Gator Girlz’ by Ali Spooner


Ali Spooner took a hold of my heart with this book and never let it go ‘till I had used up a whole box of Kleenex. To say this story was emotional is an understatement but it was worth every tear shed. Cam looks forward to a new year at college and the chance to play for the team again. Her plans are put on hold when her family need her more. The way the family pulled together was inspiring and I could completely understand why Cam didn’t hesitate when the call came. The love and warmth extended beyond the immediate family too as Tab felt part of it all. I worried for Cam and Tab as circumstances meant they would have to work hard to keep their love alive. Life on the bayou was beautifully described and the slow, meandering pace was so appealing. The St Angelo’s respect their environment and take from it what they need, while giving back tenfold. I would love this series to go on and on as I don’t feel ready to let them go yet. Highly recommended.

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Review of ‘Free to Love’ by Ali Spooner and Annette Mori


‘Free to Love’ is a fantastic book, comprising of two linked stories by Ali Spooner and Annette Mori. Set in the 18th century in a time of slavery, it tells of the lives of some amazing women who fought against injustice and for love. In ‘ The Chandler’s Daughter’ by Ali Spooner,  Cecilia works for her family business  in the South and becomes increasingly aware of the appalling treatment of the slaves who are brought in to the harbour nearby. Her lover, Captain Hillary Blythe is equally appalled and vows to do something to help. Their love story was very hot and steamy but with a love that shone through. They are linked to Annette Mori’s story ‘Forbidden Love’ by Captain Blythe’s visit to Antigua and a Mission run by Elizabeth Allen. Elizabeth is a very religious woman and fights against her need to be with the woman she has come to love. Rescued slave Kia becomes everything to her but they risk their lives by being together at such a dangerous time .

I found these stories inspiring and full of love. The historical aspect was fascinating  and I learned so much about the history of slavery and  of the reality of same sex relationships at that time. The characters were wonderfully written and I was completely enthralled. They were strong women who had to fight to be free to love. The people around them were important too and their interactions showed the lengths to which the women were prepared to go for love and justice. The stories blended so well together and I hope that Ms Spooner and Ms Mori decide to collaborate again in the future. I give this book 5 stars and highly recommend it.

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Review of ‘Diamond Dreams’ by Ali Spooner


‘Diamond Dreams’ is the story of Cam St Angelo and her move to college and the softball league she has been dreaming of joining. Cam comes from the Louisiana bayous and her close-knit family life is a far cry from the life she leads at college. And very different from that of her roomie Tab.

I loved finding out about the life of the St Angelo family and I’m glad this is the first in a series because I want more of them. Cam’s youngest sister Sandy was adorable and her parents were loving and accepting people. The story was told at a relaxed, easy-going pace that was perfect for the type of life lived in the bayous . Cam’s sexual awakening was natural and beautifully done. She was a lovely character, full of wonder and hope and seemed to charm those around her. I was so glad she had Tab to introduce her to college life. She was sweet, generous and kind . I know absolutely nothing about softball but that didn’t matter at all. I rather enjoyed finding out about it through Cam’s eyes. I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

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Review of ‘The Bee Charmer’ by Ali Spooner

Tne Bee Charmer

The Bee Charmer is one of those books to wallow in, to enter a world gone by. Nat is a trader and trapper who finds her life turned upside down when her father dies. She meets beautiful widow Marissa in town and is torn between her love of the wild and her feelings for this woman. Their story and that of their friends is beautifully told, with such wonderfully descriptive writing that made me feel part of a gentler time. It took me back to a time past and I felt as if I could smell the clean air, I could imagine the woods filled with trees and animals . Pioneer life was described in intricate detail and it was fascinating. Nat and Marissa worked hard and made use of everything around them and their ingenuity knew no bounds. I loved reading about their lives and how the pioneers found ways to survive in new lands. Their story was also one of passion and sexual intensity that was quite breath-taking. Ali Spooner caught me off guard too with some surprising moments that I didn’t see coming. I adored it and highly recommend ‘The Bee Charmer’

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Review of ‘Back in the Saddle’ by Ali Spooner


Back in the Saddle

Open Your Heart

Ali Spooner has written a collection of the hottest stories to satisfy and enchant any Lesfic reader. She really knows how to write a sex scene but takes it up a notch and makes us care for the characters. Her writing raises the level of arousal bit by bit and so well. Some of the stories are so beautifully romantic and touching and some are scorching and don’t let up for a single second. I especially liked ‘All In’ as it dealt with something real and important but still managed to be hopeful and inspiring. ‘The Window Seat’ was naughty and exciting but very loving too. Be prepared to be glued to this book as you will not put it down till the last delicious page!
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Review of ‘South of Heaven’ by Ali Spooner

31814829This book is a feel-good, grinning from ear-to-ear kind of story.  Kendra takes over her father’s shrimping business and has plans to expand.  Her dad asks her to take on the daughter of an old army buddy, Lindsey,  who needs to get away for a while and to get some experience on the boat.  They are obviously attracted to each other but it takes a while for them to realise it and to act on it.  This is a slow burner but it so much better for it.  I liked seeing them become closer and their growing attraction was sweet and quite beautiful and oh so hot!  They faced perils at sea which had a fair amount of tension and the worry of how the all-male crew would react to their relationship.  Lindsey also had to constant worry that her father wouldn’t accept her sexuality.  I loved how Ali Spooner chose to deal with it and it made me feel such warmth towards the characters.  Lindsey was kind and courageous and completely smitten by Kendra.  No-one could doubt their love when they saw the look on her face.  Kendra was capable, compassionate and utterly adorable and I’m not surprised her crew loved her.   I loved being in their world and following this oh-so romantic story.
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