Review of ‘All I want for Autumn’ by Clare Lydon

All I Want For Autumn (All I Want, #5)

Another amazing feel-good romance from the ever wonderful Clare Lydon. I am a huge fan of the ‘All I want…’ series and have adored every one. This time Holly is recovering from an accident and it has really taken the wind from her sails. As well as the physical recovery she finds relinquishing control a problem and her work life is causing her worries. She finds it hard to be open with Tori and this has put a strain on their relationship. It was interesting to see a new side of Holly and the struggles she faced made her re-evaluate her life. Tori meanwhile has been offered a new opportunity but will this affect her life with Holly? This was a fantastic story with emotional turmoil, sizzling love scenes with ultra hot sex as one expects from Clare Lydon. I can’t wait for the final instalment but I will really miss Holly and Tori after following their beautiful romance all year.