Review of ‘The Inn at Netherfield Green’ by Aurora Rey

Lauren Montgomery, a New York advertising executive, inherits an inn in England at just the right time. Needing to get away from a bad situation at home she jumps at the chance to go there. Initially she sees an opportunity to do it up and flip it. Camden Crawley is a local in Netherfield and a Gin distiller. She likes the pub the way it is and is not at all happy that this interloper could change it, and with it the character of the village. Will Lauren even listen to her views? 

Of course, being a romance by the wonderful Aurora Rey, the women are drawn to each other and begin to see that initial impressions are not always correct. Cam is adorably grumpy. To outsiders she comes across as not caring. But she does. She cares about the things that are important to her. I liked Lauren from the start. I hoped she would love life in England and see that Cam was perfect for her. She was kind, clever and lovely to everyone she came into contact with. There was a great group of supporting characters – and I must say that I loved that there was a Kitty amongst them!

Aurora Rey is so good at setting the scene. Seeing a small Derbyshire village through her eyes – and Lauren’s eyes in effect was fascinating. She understands her characters and paints a beautiful picture of where they are and those around them.  All in all a lovely story. 

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Recipe for Love’ by Aurora Rey

Aurora Rey writes the yummiest stories – and in this case I mean the food as well as the romance. ‘Recipe for Love’ is the story of hard-working farmer Hannah Little and new chef in town Drew Davis. Set in the beautiful countryside of Upstate New York, with its fields of delicious produce, the setting is an integral part of the whole. I really want to go there now. Hannah can’t quite believe big city Head Chef will ever fit in. Drew arrives with the attitude that this will only ever be a stop-gap. But when they start becoming more to each other than friends, hard decisions may have to be made. I would find it hard to pick who was my favourite between Hannah and Drew. Hannah was kind and conscientious and had obviously found her niche in life. Drew thought she knew exactly what she wanted but meeting Hannah was not in the plan and seeing her deal with that made me love her all the more. The supporting characters were so well drawn and I especially liked Hannah’s sister, Clare. Through her eyes we saw so much of what was going on. It was a lovely romantic story, with just the right amount of will they-won’t they. It was also incredibly sexy. One particular element of the love-making was hot, hot, hot. But you’ll have to discover for yourself what that was! I adore Aurora Rey’s writing and will never get enough. She transports me to beautiful places, with beautiful women and I can guarantee I will have a happy, satisfied smile on my face by the last page. Highly recommended.

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Autumn’s Light’ by Aurora Rey


Aurora Rey has shown a mastery of evoking setting and this is especially evident in her Cape End romances set in Provincetown. I have loved this entire series and the fact that my favourite characters pop up in this one too is wonderful. ‘Autumn’s Light’ is the story of Graham, a naturalist working on a dolphin spotting boat. She wants her happily ever after but is fed up waiting for it to happen. When she spots a gorgeous woman working one of the lobster boats in the harbour, she tells herself she can keep it casual and no-strings. Mat makes it clear she can’t offer more than that. Can either of them stick to their guns?

Their story was off-the-scale in terms of sexual intensity and emotion. Mat’s journey was complex and I felt my emotions change towards her as the novel progressed. I really liked her and felt great empathy for her. Graham was sweet and caring and I hoped that she would get what she really craved. I loved that we also got to see Graham and Mat interact  with her Aunt Nora and girlfriend Will. We got to see so many sides of Graham this way – as a niece, a friend, a scientist and a lover.

There was a calm, cosy and homely feel right away in the story and the feel-good quotient had me hoping this was not going to be the end of this series. I highly recommend ‘Autumn’s Light’.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Spring’s Wake’ by Aurora Rey



This is the third book in the Cape End Romance series by Aurora Rey and another wonderful love story. Nora runs a guest house in Provincetown and has had her niece Graham staying with her while she works on the tourist boats. When Graham brings her friend Will home Nora finds herself disconcerted. After a bad break-up in the past she has kept away from women and is disturbed at the attraction to this younger woman. Will is bowled over too but neither of them have the guts to act on their attraction.

I really liked both main characters, but especially Will, who had a gentle, kind manner and was struggling after a disastrous relationship with an abusive partner. It’s no wonder Nora was drawn to the adorable butch. As they got to know each other it was so obvious they were meant to be, but each had to get past the the baggage they were carrying. The P/Town setting was idyllic and the supporting cast of characters from the previous books made it feel welcoming and homely. The love story was slow and perfectly timed, with a fair amount of heat. I loved it and hope that this isn’t the last from this particular series.

I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books in return for an honest review.

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Review of ‘Summer’s Cove’ by Aurora Rey

Summer’s Cove by Aurora Rey

I was so looking forward to ‘Summer’s Cove’ as I had really enjoyed the first in Aurora Rey’s Provincetown series, Winter’s Harbor. I was not disappointed. The story of artist Emerson and her blossoming relationship with cook and single mom Darcy was romantic and sexy but not without angst. Not too much angst but just enough to keep it interesting. Darcy is intent on keeping her love life separate from the life she has with her son Liam. Commendable as that is it leads to problems with her new lover. Emerson was my favourite of the two women as she was so good for Darcy and really went out of her way to do what she needed her to do. She was kind and considerate and so good with Liam.  Darcy didn’t make it easy for her. The author has managed to write an enchanting love story with some very hot sex scenes and set in wonderful Provincetown. What else could anyone want from a romance novel? It is spot on and had me enchanted.

I was given this ARC by Bold Strokes Books and Netgalley in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Crescent City Confidential’ by Aurora Rey

Crescent City Confidential


Crescent City Confidential pulled me into the wonderful sights, sounds and smells of New Orleans. I was totally captivated by the city and the  story of mystery writer Sam and her growing love for the place and for a certain lady.  Tess shucks oysters by day and is a singer by night. Neither woman is on the lookout for something serious or permanent so a few dates together works fine for both. Will that be enough as time goes on? Sam has a few secrets and it was interesting seeing how she dealt with them.  Tess had some issues from the past to deal with too.  Both had to get to a stage where they were ready to move to the next step.  I liked how their deepening relationship was developed. It was slow burning but romantic and sexy too. A mystery thrown into the mix really piqued my interest.
I was given this ARC free by Netgalley and Bold Strikes books in return for an honest review.