Review of ‘Before The Light’ by Samantha Hicks

I really enjoyed ‘Before The Light’, a romantic suspense from Samantha Hicks. When Kathleen Bowden-Scott’s boss suggests a long sabbatical to get herself sorted out, she’s not surprised. After the abduction of her partner and their break-up not long after, her life is on a downward spiral. She can’t see the point in anything anymore. When her ex, Meredith, suggests taking on a volunteering role in a local women’s centre she reluctantly agrees. Meeting Bethany Jones, the most impressive woman she’s ever come across, was the last thing she expected to happen. But Beth has her own problems and is reluctant to let her feelings towards her new colleague go anywhere. A problematic and angry ex has made her wary of opening up to anyone. When danger enters their lives, the two women need to work together if they are going to stop the worst from happening.

Ms Hicks has written an edge-of your-seat story that I couldn’t put down. Kathleen was a troubled and unhappy woman with so much guilt over her reaction to Meredith’s abduction. She had sunk so low that the only way out was to help other people worse off. Her journey throughout the story was beautifully done and I began to really understand her as she opened up to Beth. Working in the women’s centre let her see that she wasn’t alone, and by helping other women she could find a way to heal. Beth was an amazing character. She was strong and brave and committed to her work with abused women. I wanted her to find happiness. She did so much for other people, without thinking about herself. The story was tense and exciting and quite a rollercoaster. I loved it.

I was given this ARC for review.