Review of ‘The Pet Boutique’ by Suzie Carr

‘The Pet Boutique’ is a heart-warming, romantic and healing story that left me with a happy feeling. It is the first novel I’ve read by Suzie Carr and won’t be the last. The author really sees people and what makes them tick. She brings this understanding to her writing and I found myself loving the story more and more as it progressed.

Taylor is a successful author with a serious case of writer’s block. When her friend Maya suggests she help renovate a store with her, it seems this might be the distraction she needs. Maya’s niece Lexie, another helper in the quest to open a Pet Boutique, brings out something in Taylor she didn’t think possible again. Their story was slow and gentle and beautifully written. I loved the coterie of characters around the whole project – especially Lexie’s dog, Cashmere. She had a calming  and steadying role and seemed to be at the centre of everything good and positive in everyone’s lives. Both Taylor and Lexie had issues from the past they had to overcome. I enjoyed finding out how they dealt with their problems. I especially appreciated the positive representation of bisexuality. An excellent story and highly recommended.

I was given this ARC for review. 

Review of ‘The Road Ahead’ by A.E. Radley


‘The Road Ahead’ is a funny and engaging  romance with characters I really liked. Rebecca and Arabella reluctantly end up driving back from Portugal together on Christmas Eve when the computer system goes down at the airport. Two more different women one could not imagine. Rebecca is easy-going and artistic with a simple and uncomplicated view of life. Arabella is uptight, rigid and high maintenance. The journey pushed them together and their interactions are hilarious, touching and poignant at times. I enjoyed seeing how they affected each other. Neither of them were quite what they seemed at the start and grew as people due to the time they spent with each other. Arabella’s complete arse of a fiancé made my blood boil. Oh did I want her to kick him into touch! The story was of a blossoming friendship and a realisation of so much more. It was one of those books that makes you laugh out loud and end with a smile on your face. Wonderful.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘The Whole Lesbian Sex Book’ by Felice Newman


‘The Whole Lesbian Sex Book’ is a well laid out and comprehensive guide for women who love women. It is ideal for those at the start of their journey as well as those looking for advice and new ideas to spice things up in the bedroom. Each section has excellent descriptions and step by step guides that take into account communication, safer sex and level of knowledge. You may open the book looking for one particular topic but it’s nearly impossible to leave it down without delving into something even more enticing.

I liked the friendly writing style and the fact that the author took the time to reassure the reader at every stage.  She pointed out that knowing what you want and what your partner wants is so important. With this book that should be a whole lot easier to work out. The quotes from real women about each activity and what it meant for them were especially useful. An essential reference for every lesbian or bi woman’s bookshelf.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

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Review of ‘Magnetic Reverie’ by Nico J Genes



3.5 Stars

Nico J Genes has written an interesting story with an unusual premise. Lana spends her days with her husband Greg but in her dreams she is with Claire, a woman who wakens a desire in her she never knew existed. What is reality and where would she rather be? She starts to question so much about her life.

The story is told in first person from the point of view of Lana, who is Slovenian. This makes the dialogue and narrative a tad unusual. I found that I had to try and read it in my head as a non English speaker. Sometimes the sentence structure and use of language seems a bit odd but as the reader is in the thoughts of a non-native speaker this is to be expected.

By the time I got to the end of the story I was really keen to find out what happens next for Lana and Claire. I know where I wanted it to go so I will be reading the second in the series to find out.

I was given this ARC by the author in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Bring Holly Home’ by A.E. Radley


Victoria is the archetypal ice queen who seems determined to keep everyone at arms length. When she finds a former employee languishing in a Paris hospital with memory loss she uncharacteristically decides to take care of her and everything she might need for her recovery. Why does she feel the need to be there for Holly? What is it about this particular ex assistant that causes her to drop everything? Holly feels something for Victoria but she can’t put her finger on what. Finding out the answers was a joy.
Rarely do I read a book in one go but with this one I felt I had no choice. I love ice queen stories and age gap stories, so that could be something to do with it. But not entirely. It made me feel warm and fuzzy and happy. It was adorable and Victoria and Holly were characters I connected with instantly. I wanted them to work and I couldn’t put the book down until the last beautiful, romantic and utterly satisfying page. ‘Bringing Holly Home’ is romance at its very best.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review .

Review of ‘Girl Love Happens Season Two’ by TB Markinson

Wow! TB Markinson really knows how to build up the tension. In ‘Girl Love Happens’ season 2 Tegan and Gemma are in their second year of college and as usual things do not go entirely smoothly. Tegan gets herself into a pickle and her attempts to make it right are hilarious, ridiculous and had me biting my fingernails with worry. That girl knows how to make things difficult for herself.

I enjoyed this book ever more than the first as the character development is spot on and I felt immersed in the world of G&T. The sex is even hotter and rather more adventurous and who could complain about that? I just hope there will be a season three as I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Recombinant Love’ by K’Anne Meinel



‘Recombinant Love’ is a fantastic science fiction novel, an adventure not just in terms of storyline but also in character development. It is an epic love story between two very different women from very different times. Ryley Graham disappears from 2015 and wakes up 500 years later. As she struggles to adjust to her new life she becomes drawn to Mercedes, half human, half machine. Dealing with her feelings and letting go of the past are only part it for her. Why was she taken? And by whom?

I loved the growing attraction between Ryley and Mercedes and the issues brought up as a result. Seeing Ryley adapt also gave an insight into the workings of the ship and into the future world she has been thrust into. I want to know more about this sci-fi universe K’Anne Meinel has envisaged and what happens next for the crew of The Escape Hatch. A brilliant book I can highly recommend.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review .

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Review of ‘Long Distance Coffee’ by Emma Sterner-Radley


Emma-Sterner-Radley’s writing is funny, absorbing and perceptive. She sees into the very souls of her characters and lets the reader understand so much about their motivations. ‘Long-Distance Coffee’ tells the story of Erin, a personal trainer and new mother Isabella. Their relationship is told through their interactions on social media and this piqued my interest. It is an unusual idea but it worked. I liked how they each began to change and realise why they needed to spend their nights chatting to a complete stranger. A good start to a new series by a talented writer.

I was given this ARC by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Mergers and Acquisitions’ by A.E. Radley


Mergers & Acquisitions by A.E. Radley

A.E. Radley certainly knows how to write strong women characters and has managed to make this story of two marketing execs and their power struggle endearing, romantic and more than a little surprising.  Kate and Georgina are business rivals with grudges to bear but are forced to work together on a big project. Their antagonism is palpable and it takes young assistant Sophie all her time and energy to keep them both reasonably happy. The story went in directions I wasn’t expecting – much to my delight.  Sophie was my favourite character as she shy, sweet and initially bumbling but there was so much more beneath the surface. Dealing with personal as well as workplace dilemmas challenged her.  How would she come out of it all?  I won’t spoil the romantic elements, but needless to say A.E. Radley knows how to tug at her readers’ heartstrings. I loved it!


I was given this ARC by Heartsome Publishing in return for an honest review.