Review of ‘Fault Lines’ by Doug Johnstone


Set in an alternate Edinburgh but one we can all recognise, this is a wonderfully descriptive and well written suspense novel. Volcanology PhD student Surtsey finds herself embroiled in a mystery that could have serious consequences in her already complicated life. Trying to keep secrets makes things worse and the events that follow are tense, thrilling and unexpected. I liked Surtsey and wanted her to come clean but could see why she didn’t. The reality of her life and her thought processes were teased out perfectly. The characters around her were as well rounded and thoughtfully portrayed . I did not see the twist coming as Doug Johnstone so skilfully constructed his story. He made it seem effortless. I really enjoyed it.

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Review of ‘The Music and the Mirror’ by Lola Keeley


Very impressive! This is the story of Anna, newbie at the Metropolitan Ballet in New York, unsure  of herself and feeling she can never be as good as the women around her. Victoria artistic director and former star, sees something in Anna and despite herself begins to fall for the young dancer. Victoria comes across as cold and unfeeling but underneath you just know she is desperately in need of the love of a good woman. Will Anna be the one to crack open that cold persona and allow love in?

Lola Keeley’s writing style is immersive and pulled me right into the ballet world. I know nothing about ballet but by the end of the book I wanted to know more. She teases the reader, slowly bringing us into the lives of the dancers; let’s us see how they interact with each, how they think and how they feel. It’s all very subtle and not at all rushed. There are moments of high emotion and heat but the changes in Victoria and Anna as people struck me most. This is one novel I will be reading again and again. Excellent.

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Review of ‘Falling for Love’ by Addison M Conley


‘Falling for Love’ is a beautiful, emotional, surprising and uplifting love story that had me totally gripped. Restauranteur Jordan May have a successful business but she is hiding so much of herself that it is emotionally crippling her. Firmly in the closet and approaching her 40th birthday she has yet to find the courage to come out to her family and the conservative community it’s she lives in. Meeting Emmy Russo makes her reassess, but will she go far enough for out and proud Emmy?

The story is about coming to terms about who you are, but there was so much more. It went in directions I did not expect at all and had layers that caught me unawares. The romance was intense and very sexy but ultimately it was the love between the two main characters that had me shedding tears of joy. I loved it.

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Review of ‘Tinderbox Under Winter Stars’ by Emma Sterner-Radley


I have been looking forward to the second book in the Tinderbox series by Emma Sterner-Radley and I was not disappointed. ‘Tinderbox Under Winter Stars’ is even better than the first.  Elise and Nessa are on the run from the Queen, who wants Elise back. Her extreme vanity and sense of entitlement won’t let her accept that Elise loves another. Their life in Storsund is full of new and exciting places and things to see. Nothing is familiar. I loved the descriptive writing and felt as if I was right there in the freezing new world. The world building is seriously impressive. As they meet new people we get to find out about the political situation there and how that may come to impact Arclid and the women themselves. I especially liked Anja, the woman who steps in to help them and shows them so much as they try to settle in their new environment. She may have seemed grumpy at first but there was so much more to her. The character development of Elise and Nessa was wonderfully done – but the author did not restrict this to the two main characters.  I appreciated how she allowed us to see more of the the people around them and how they changed over time. The camaraderie was evident amongst all of the characters. There is always an underlying tension in the story as the women are hunted and can never let their guard down. It was an exciting story with depth and scope for much more in future books. Ms Sterner-Radley wickedly left a little clue and that thrilled me! 5 Stars and very highly recommended

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Review of ‘The Whole Lesbian Sex Book’ by Felice Newman


‘The Whole Lesbian Sex Book’ is a well laid out and comprehensive guide for women who love women. It is ideal for those at the start of their journey as well as those looking for advice and new ideas to spice things up in the bedroom. Each section has excellent descriptions and step by step guides that take into account communication, safer sex and level of knowledge. You may open the book looking for one particular topic but it’s nearly impossible to leave it down without delving into something even more enticing.

I liked the friendly writing style and the fact that the author took the time to reassure the reader at every stage.  She pointed out that knowing what you want and what your partner wants is so important. With this book that should be a whole lot easier to work out. The quotes from real women about each activity and what it meant for them were especially useful. An essential reference for every lesbian or bi woman’s bookshelf.

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Review of ‘The Amnesia Project’ by Barbara Winkes


This is a story that will stay with me. Dani, Alice and Joy are friends planning a trip to New York before careers take them in different directions. Alice’s sister Paige is foisted upon them and Dani seems more affected than the others by this. When Paige disappears they are all distraught but Dani can’t stop looking and dedicates her life to finding her.

‘The Amnesia Project’ is a fantastic dystopian romance with a story that has so many layers. I never knew who to trust or where it was going to go. I learned not to make assumptions when reading this novel. Barbara Winkes surprised me again and again.The reason for Paige’s disappearance was shocking but worryingly not at all unbelievable. Once you’ve read it you will know why.

Dani was tenacious and her loyalty to Paige never wavered. She found herself in peril, threatened and warned off but never gave up. Paige had an underlying strength and maturity that shone through. I liked her approach from the start and was with Dani all the way as she tried to find answers to where Paige had gone and why. I was very impressed with this book and give it 5 Stars.

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Review of ‘The Potion’ by R.G. Emanuelle


R.G. Emanuelle had my rapt attention from the start with this Victorian mystery romance. Vera Kennedy and Georgette Harris are widows whose scientist husbands appear to have been carrying  out some unorthodox experimentation. As the women become more involved in finding out exactly what they had been doing and why, their attraction to each other grows. But secrets, pride and trust issues conspire to keep them tantalisingly so near yet so far.

The writing was so wonderfully descriptive and had me right there, in the dark, gloomy, damp and sinister world of Victorian Boston. The oppressive  nature of life for women of all classes came through so strongly and I wanted Vera and Georgette to take control and overcome the restrictions on them. The mystery behind their late husbands’ scientific work had me on the edge of my seat. The peril the women were in and the shady characters around them had the hairs on the back of my neck standing to attention.

But it was the interaction between Georgette and Vera that truly made this story. Although the attraction between them was obvious neither felt able to act on it right away. It was the development of their feelings and the erotically charged nature of their meetings that kept me wanting more and more. An excellent novel with characters I hope to encounter again. 5 Stars

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Review of ‘Happily Ever After’ by Jae


‘Happily Ever After’ is a collection of short stories by Jae all in the one place. Some I have read before but it is  nice to have them together. Also there are some stories with some of my favourite characters from Jae’s novels. I especially enjoyed ‘Dress Tease’ with Grace and Lauren from ‘Damage Control’. It was hot! The Christmas trilogy featuring Rachel and Lillian was lovely and well developed. I loved ‘The Midnight Couch’ where radio technician Paula is in love with Dr Christine Graham, clinical psychologist and radio host. It was sweet and happy . I’m a big fan of short story anthologies and reading this one made my day.

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Review of ‘A Call Away’ by KC Richardson


Sydney Carter ‘s life is about to change and in ways she could not imagine . When she goes to Iowa to take possession of her grandmother’s farmhouse, left to her in her will, she meets the woman who will make her rethink everything. Abby Price lived in the next property with her own grandmother and helps Syd sort through the farmhouse and find out more about Syd’s family history.  Why did she never know her grandparents?  As they get to know each other Syd and Abby become close . But each have their own lives hundreds of miles apart. How can it ever work for them.

The story behind Syd’s family estrangement was sad and poignant. But it was the growing relationship between the two women that I found heart-wrenching and also uplifting at times. KC Richardson knows how to write the most delicious sex scenes that were achingly beautiful, romantic and scorchingly hot. No-one could fail to be moved by the emotional intensity of their connection. A wonderful story that deserves 5+Stars. Highly recommended.

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Review of ‘Trusting Hearts’ by Samantha Hicks


Trust is at the heart of this emotional roller-coaster story. Carrie and Holly start off being business rivals and the enmity between them is palpable. Neither are able to trust other people or themselves due to life-changing incidents in their past. But they are drawn to each other in a way that overwhelms them. Their attraction was unbelievably intense and emotional and I was all over the place wondering ‘Will they? Won’t they?’. Samantha Hicks knows how to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. I loved her writing and how she managed to convey the feelings the women had for each other. Her characters were real and I wanted them to be together so much. The sex was off-the-scale hot and heavy and extremely effective!! An excellent first novel. 5 Stars!

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.