Review of ‘Love Came Calling’ by C.A. Popovich


Kelly and Josie want very different things from a relationship. Kelly is a nurse and in need of a new challenge. Josie owns and runs a lesbian lodge resort and they meet when Kelly takes a vacation there with friends. Their attraction is powerful  but neither can give into it for fear of being hurt. Nevertheless they spend more and more time with each other and when Josie feels threatened by a stranger Kelly wants to be there for her. The slow-building threat was well executed. The suspense and tension was palpable. I really liked both main characters and Josie’s grandmother, Nooko. They were well rounded and I could believe in them. Josie had fears that she needed to face and although I felt like shouting at her to give Kelly a chance I knew she had to get there in her own time. Kelly was loving and caring and had such patience. Her growing relationship was Nooko was sweet and pivotal to the story. Nooko’s background gave an interesting dimension to the story and really added to the it. But it was the relationship between the two younger women that made this book for me. The love scenes were very emotionally charged and showed just how intense their feelings were for each other. I enjoyed the book so much.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.