Review of ‘Changing Perspectives’ by Jen Silver

Portrait woman


This book really surprised and, I have to say, educated me. I don’t usually read or review BDSM and this book was advertised as the first foray into that area by Jen Silver. Although it deals with the subject it is a gentle introduction and there’s nothing in it to scare the horses!

Dani Barker is a prodigiously talented art director with a penchant for leather and whips. Through work she meets Camila Callaghan, an in the closet finance director who seems like the last person on Earth she would have anything in common with. Their attraction is instant and leads to some very interesting interactions. I really liked Dani. She was a very interesting character with some unusual interests and a unique way of living her life. Camila seemed liked an ice queen but she was so hot. Their story is one of realising what you really want and the quest to connect with that special person. One that accepts you and can give you what you need. It was very sexy but with an emotional intensity that really attracted me. The story was set in 1993 and it made it all the more interesting as there were many things we take for granted regarding equality and inclusion that were missing then. The other people around them at work and in their personal lives were fascinating.  I liked Dani’s friend Penny as she was supportive, if a bit despairing at times. I loved it.

I was given this ARC by Affinity eBooks in return for an honest review.