Review of ‘The Lucky One’ by R Byrne

I enjoy reading short stories and find that erotica works really well in this form. ‘The Lucky One’ is an erotic BDSM short story by new writer R. Byrne. This is one spankingly hot story. The author ramps up the tension and the heat level until the crescendo. She makes me believe in the passion between her characters and I’m left in no doubt that they know exactly what turns them on. A highly erotic story that made me want to read more from this particular author.


Review of ‘Wild Rides: And Other Lesbian Erotic Adventures’ by Sacchi Green

Sacchi Green at her erotic best! The main thing I took away from this collection was the sheer high quality of the writing. Sacchi Green shows us that erotica can be skilfully and beautifully written. Her stories are imaginative, perceptive and varied. The sex is intensely erotic and the hottest one can imagine. She can surprise the reader, take them places they did not dare imagine. I especially enjoyed ‘Carved in Stone’, a prison story that slowly built to a highly-charged sexual encounter that was off-the-scale. ‘Jessebel’ intrigued and surprised me and was filled was such longing. ‘Gargoyle Lovers’ set in Paris was a fantastically frantic and desperate sexual encounter in a new place for lovers who know each other so well. I thoroughly enjoyed this anthology – but I wouldn’t expect anything else from Sacchi Green

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Review of ‘Escape to Pleasure’ by Victoria Villasenor and Sandy Lowe

‘Escape to Pleasure’ is an enticing collection of erotic stories on the theme of travel. Victoria Villasenor and Sandy Lowe are skilled editors and have brought together a perfect mix of hot and steamy stories sure to please. I enjoyed all of the stories but I particularly enjoyed Aurora Rey’s ‘The Lodge’, as the cosy Winter setting contrasted so well with the heat of a very sexy story. Her characters interested me so much that I wouldn’t mind meeting them again. I also loved Brit Ryder’s ‘Mistakes Happen’. This tale of a luggage mix-up and the resulting bedroom antics was perfect. Her wickedly sexy al fresco encounter was truly sublime. But Jeannie Levig’s ‘A Fantasy Getaway’ was my favourite. It is set in a lesbian resort and is beautifully written. She ramps up the sexual tension like a pro. It is so, so well done and the heat is off the scale. I can highly recommend this anthology.

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘The Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year, Volume 3: A Cleis Anthology’ by Sacchi Green

les erot 3

Sacchi Green has exquisite taste when it comes to picking short stories. In ‘Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Volume 3’ she has chosen some wonderful erotic stories. I was especially impressed by ‘Fearless’ by TC Mill. Jenny and Tessa find a way to reconnect after a difficult time for both of them. It was powerful and intense and so hot. The emotion astounded me. I also loved Pascal Scott’s ‘The Night Shift, which left me with a smile on my face. And RG Emanuelle’s story ‘The Auction’ is smoking! Rarely have I read anything quite so satisfying. And excellent collection and highly recommended. Due out December 11th (USA) and January 6th (UK).

I was given this ARC to review.

Review of ‘The Taste of Her Volume 2’ by Jess Lea


This second volume of erotic short stories by Jess Lea is well written and engaging. The stories are varied in intensity but always have just the right mix of heat and storytelling. I enjoyed ‘A Different View’ the most – a story about taking a different outlook and how that can change things.

I was given this ARC for review by Ylva.

Review of ‘The Taste of Her’ by Jess Lea


The enticing cover of’ Taste of Her’ is a good indication of what is in store for the reader. It is a very sexy, well written anthology of erotic tales guaranteed to satisfy. I particularly enjoyed ‘A Literary Lesson’ where a poet has a very interesting encounter that made an author reading unexpectedly hot. I look forward to more in the same vein.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.


Review of ‘Roll With Me’ by Elizabeth Andre



A well written erotic romance that deals with the tricky issue of whether one should tell a new lover everything early on in a relationship. Chloe has MS but since it’s not always that obvious she chooses not to tell Rachel. Is that a mistake and can they survive the deception? Elizabeth Andre knows how to write well rounded characters and very hot situations. I liked Chloe and could see why she made the decisions she did. Her attraction to Rachel was intense and that really came across. I enjoyed it.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘My Inner Dom’ by Layla Holiday



This is the second in the Cops Gone Wild series and I have been eagerly anticipating this volume. Kat Kody is a cop facing her own demons as well as coping with a case causing her nightmares. ‘My Inner Dom’ takes the story further and into areas I hadn’t seen coming. It’s intriguing and extremely hot and sexy. It is also disturbing in how Kat reacts to this case of the body in the bath. Her colleague Anna Stone has sparked something in her that brings back who she used to be. And I’m not sure I like the person she used to be. I look forward to finding out more and whether she will go back to what she was or be able to hold on to who she has become. Layla Holiday writes sublime erotica and has me hooked.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.


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Review of ‘Cuffs and Protests’ by Layla Holiday


I enjoyed this hot and sexy tale of women from opposite sides of a big divide. Cop Kat has to try and reconcile what she is with her love for the woman she adores. Elle is a lawyer who feels she has to be true to her convictions. The story was well written and made me want to find out more about these characters. The sex scenes were raunchy and exceptionally well done. An enjoyable first instalment in the ‘Cops Gone Wild’ series that has me eagerly anticipating the next!


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Review of ‘Willow’ by Raven J Spencer


I must admit I’ve never read a Raven J Spencer book that I didn’t like. I enjoy how she mixes thrilling adventure with erotic romance, and it works for me. ‘Willow’ is the story of ex-agent and now landscape gardener Kat who is asked to repay a favour by ‘babysitting’ the daughter of a former colleague. She finds out that people don’t always tell the whole truth and there are secrets galore – some of them leading to a great deal of danger.  She becomes increasingly attracted to Willow and finds it hard to resist.  This is an extremely hot and sexy novel that will not disappoint.  


I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.