Review of ‘Wendy of the Wallops’ by Gill McKnight

‘Wendy of the Wallops’ by Gill McKnight is an absolute delight.  PC Wendy seems to be permanently awkward and embarrassed, especially around attractive women.  She has recently come out to her friend and local vicar, Jane and her partner Renata from the first book in the series.  She hasn’t quite worked up the courage to tell her family or her work colleagues.  When she is asked to keep an eye out on young Lexi, whose father has gone on the run from his witness protection programme, she comes into contact with local artist and Guide Leader Keira.  Between being constantly annoyed by Keira, her hot new boss from the Met and her cute doctor, Wendy is surrounded by women who confuse and arouse her.  This is a story about a totally adorable character following her path towards accepting and being happy with her sexuality.  It is also hilarious and sweet and I highly recommend it.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Welcome to the Wallops’ by Gill McKnight

I absolutely love The Wallops. Gill McKnight has managed to dream up a village full of characters I can believe in and want more of. Jill is strong, caring and goes way beyond the call of duty. When her ex Renata turns up she is thrown off kilter and old feelings threaten to change the idyllic life she has made for herself. Their very complicated relationship is only part of what kept me reading till the early hours. I loved Bishop Andrew – he was such a mischievous fun character. He was such a counterpoint to the intensely annoying Colin Harper. The mystery of St Poe’s and Renata’s research raised the story to a much higher level. I am so glad that there are going to be more of these novels as the main characters Jane and Renata give me a warm fuzzy feeling.
A totally involving read, well written and with scope for a series of wonderful tales.

I was given this ARC for review.

My Top 12 Books of 2019

I found it so difficult to narrow down my list of favourite books this year. And even more difficult put them in order of preference. I loved them all. So, this is my top twelve,  and in alphabetical order. I highly recommend all of these books and will certainly be re-reading them again in 2020. 

Alone by E.J. Noyes

Blood of the Pack by Jenny Frame

Borage by Gill McKnight

Breathe by Cari Hunter

Coming Home by K.J.

Floodtide by Heather Rose Jones

Galileo by Ann McMan

Legacy by Charlotte Greene

Spinning Tales by Brey Willows

Steel City Confidential by Anne Hagan

The Sovereign of Psiere by K Aten

Uncharted by Robyn Nyx

Review of Borage (The Plague Tree Coven Book 1) by Gill McKnight

Astral is a Fireside witch of the influential Projector family. Borage, her familiar, is a cat with a rather prickly personality. She’s not a  powerful witch, but she makes up for it with her kindness and the ability to make anyone feel at home and comforted. The new High Priestess of her coven has a nasty streak and when she gives Astral an important task to fulfil, we wait for the other shoe to drop. I won’t say anything more about the plot as it would be too easy to give something away. But I can say it’s brilliantly done and wonderfully satisfying. 

The descriptions of people and places were delicious. Lush and imaginative . One particular character description was stunning and made me stop and re-read it-just to take in an amazing piece of writing. It’s also very funny and Astral is completely adorable. I want to know a Fireside witch just like her. Abby Black is more than we first think. Think Ice Queen boss mixed with hot, mysterious and enticing object of desire. It all goes in ways I didn’t see coming. This is the kind of book that grows on you more and more as it reveals itself. 

The world Gill McKnight has invented is beautifully crafted, with depth and humour and an addictive quality that means I will be eagerly awaiting the next in the series. Wonderful. 

I was given this ARC for review. 

Review of ‘Penny on Parade’ by Penny Taylor and Gill McKnight

‘Penny On Parade’ is a biographical story of life in the British Army in the 1970. And it is excellent. Penny Taylor needs to get away from her home town of Darlington and a heartache that just won’t go away. Joining the army seems like the perfect way out and a way to start a new life. I really liked Penny. She was funny, a bit of a rebel and seeing the armed forces through her eyes was fascinating. Being a lesbian was a risky business and would lead to instant dismal if found out. Penny’s need to discover her true self led to situations that were dangerous for herself and those she was with. But the authors managed to balance the worry about discovery with a great deal of humour and insight. The stories of army life had me enthralled and I would love to find out what happened next to Penny. There’s another book or two in this tale.

I was given this ARC for review

Lesfic Eclectic – Great New Antholgy Coming Soon!

I’m so excited to be one of the authors in this fantastic new anthology, due out 1st October. Edited by Robyn Nyx and featuring stories from RobynValden BushLise Gold AuthorEmma Nichols, Jeannie Levig, Claire Highton-StevensonJenn MatthewsJen Silver, Michelle Arnold, Gill McKnight and Brey Willows. And the great thing is that it’s FREE!

I hope you enjoy this anthology of stories from a mixture of new and established authors.

Review of ‘Silver Collar (Garoul #4)’ by Gill McKnight


As a huge fan of the Garoul Series I couldn’t wait to get started on this volume. We are back in Little Dip and with the family of werewolves, headed by Alpha ,Marie Garoul. Luc Garoul is on the run after causing havoc in Canada and in Little Dip. Her twin sister Ren is desperate to find her and help Marie treat the serious illness she is obviously suffering from. Someone else is hunting her down too and the repercussions could be dire. Emily wants to prove the existence of werewolves and make the Garouls pay for what she believes they have done to her family.

The story was most unexpected and fascinating. Luc and Emily get off to a very unusual start and how this develops was very inventive and complex. I loved that the rest of the Garouls were involved but getting to know Luc and Emily was the best part of the story. I have now read every book in this series and I implore Gill McKnight to hurry up and bring out the next one. I can hardly wait!

Review of ‘Indigo Moon’ by Gill McKnight



‘Indigo Moon’ takes the Garoul Series in a new direction as we are introduced to feral werewolves. Isabelle is attacked on her way home but remembers little. All she knows is that Ren is caring for her as she heals. Ren is hiding a whole lot from her, but can Isabelle work it out before it’s too late? Hope and Godfrey, mates of twins Jolie and Andre Garoul may be Isabelle’s only hope as she struggles to find out what has happened to her.

This was a fascinating mystery and I really appreciated how the whole mythology around the Garouls was opened up. It was hot and sexy at times and a thrilling chase at breakneck speed at others. It had me breathless. I love this series and am so glad Gill McKnight is writing a new one, due for release this year.

Review of ‘Ambereye’ by Gill McKnight



The Garoul Series just gets better and better. In ‘Ambereye’ Jolie Garoul is a nightmare boss, with definite ideas about her work life that no-one has been able to shift. That is until she gets a new PA, Hope, friend of her brother and the sunshine in the office. Hope is newly returned to work after a life-threatening Illness and has no intention of become involved with anyone. Jolie has never shown the slightest interest in anyone romantically but Hope’s presence is causing strange physical reactions in her. When they go to the family compound in Little Dip unusual happenings and strange comments begin to make Hope wonder what is going on. I loved this story. Wondering when Hope was going to twig that they were werewolves kept me reading on and on. Jolie was so vulnerable, sweet and at times sad. The family feeling was warm and safe and welcoming and I wanted Hope to be part of it. The sex scenes were hot and passionate and edgy. But it was the obvious love and loyalty that really got to me. Another wonderful Garoul story.


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Review of ‘Goldenseal’ by Gill McKnight



I loved this book. Having just read ‘Little Dip’ which told the story of how it all began for Marie and Connie and the Garoul Series, I was desperate to get the whole set. ‘Goldenseal’ is the story of Amy and Leone and lets the reader see the world of the Garouls from the point of view of someone completely in the dark about it all. Amy may have spent a lot of her childhood on the compound with her aunt Connie but that doesn’t mean she is party to all of their secrets. When she comes back to help with the almanac the family Publishing company puts out every year, she begins to notice things and ask questions. The mystery behind it all was fascinating and at times a bit scary. The whole atmosphere of secrecy was oppressive and added to the menacing feeling. It was also sexy and romantic and caring. The relationship between Amy and Leone was fraught with problems but I couldn’t help rooting for them. I’m now off to read the next in the series as I am well and truly hooked.