Review of ‘The Northwoods’ by Jane Hoppen


‘The Northwoods’ by Jane Hoppen is set in 1850s Wisconsin when most women were entirely dependant on husbands and fathers. When that is no longer possible for Evelyn due to the death of her husband she decides to disguise herself as a man and go to a logging camp for the winter, in order to help her family survive . She meets Sarah Bell, a woman seemingly at the mercy of her dead lover’s brother. Evelyn must keep her real identity secret at all costs, while Sarah lives in fear of being assaulted by any of the rough loggers in the camp. Their friendship is of necessity but they see something in each other that drew them together.

The story was about women doing what they had to in a harsh world. They discovered things about themselves that they did not realise they wanted or needed. I was on the edge of my seat at many points in the book as they were in danger and taking many risks. Evelyn and Sarah’s relationship was slow and sweet and tender. I wanted them to have a future together and not be forced into the roles people expected of them. I loved the historical aspect of the book and felt it was well imagined and well written. I could almost smell the appalling odours of the camp, so good was the writing. A very enjoyable book with characters I wouldn’t mind finding out more about.

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Review of ‘Refraction Series’ by Angela Koenig

Refraction Series by [Koenig, Angela]

This trilogy is utterly brilliant!  Angela Koenig has written a gripping series of novels following Jeri O’Donnell from the troubles in Ulster, to the Himalayas and onto Yugoslavia when the Balkan war was in full force.  Her life is one of violence, tragedy and keeping hidden from those out to capture her.  When she meets Kelly Corcoran, an American tourist seeking peace, she finds a love that changes her.  Their connection was intense, beautiful and at times frantic and joyful.  Can they survive the dangerous life they lead? Is love enough?  

The writing was intelligent and poetic and managed to convey a sense of history that pulled me into the story and made me feel as if I was right in the midst of it all.  Jeri is a very complex character and her journey is one that I am so glad I followed.  The love story woven throughout is deep and vital and one I won’t forget.  I highly recommend this trilogy and wish I could give it more than 5 Stars.


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Review of ‘Escape in Time’ by Robyn Nyx


Escape in Time


Review of ‘A Sniper’s Kiss’ by Justine Saracen

The Sniper's Kiss


‘The Sniper’s Kiss’ is an epic tale of one woman’s love for another and what she is willing to go through to be with her.  It is a beautiful love story between two characters that pulled at my heart strings.  Mia is American and works for the White House during World War 2.  When she is sent to the Soviet Union to investigate the lend-lease programme she meets Alexia, a stunning Kremlin guard.  One kiss is all it took to change their lives.  The adventure they both end up living takes place among famous figures of history such as FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hicks, Stalin and Churchill.  Justine Saracen has researched this period so well and her writing made me feel as if I was there amongst the noises, smells and tragedies of war.  A truly fantastic book that I highly recommend.
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