Review of ‘The Last Conception’ – a movie directed by Gabriela Ledesma

‘The Last Conception’ is a feel-good multi-cultural romantic comedy directed by Gabriela Ledesma and written by Gabriel Constans. Savarna’s family want her to settle down and have a family – especially as she is the last in her ancient bloodline, and must produce a baby to prevent the line dying out . The only problem is, she is gay and hasn’t told her parents. How will her Indian family react when she brings girlfriend Charley to dinner? Will the idea of a female partner stop their desire to get Savarna married off and pregnant?

First of all I was impressed by the quality of the acting in this film. It could have been a Richard Curtis romcom. I especially enjoyed the performances of Lovelee Carroll as Chitra, Savarna’s sister, and Marshall Manesh as her dad. It was funny and poignant, and had a touching family dynamic that brightened up my day. The cinematography was lush and bright, adding to the happy tone of the script. And the upbeat Indian music score was a delight. I loved it and will be adding it to my ‘must-rewatch’ list of movies