Review of ‘Country Living’ by Jen Silver

I have just spent a wonderful few hours in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside thanks to author Jen Silver. Her latest novel ‘Country Living’ is the perfect book to read right now. Escape with unexpected and exciting storylines and get to know her believable and well-rounded characters. 

Peri has always dreamed of a life in the English countryside, with an old stone cottage, a vegetable garden and walks in the hills and fields. Her wife is not so keen, but goes along with it as long as she has time in London to finish off some projects before joining her. Moving near the lesbian mecca of Hebden Bridge, Peri expects a quiet life and ordinary neighbours. That’s not exactly what she gets though. There are a few secrets being kept from her and life may not turn out as she expected.

I loved Peri. She’s the woman you want living next door. She was kind and approachable and deserved to be treasured. I liked seeing her interact with her neighbours. It brought out something unexpected in her. There are a few different storyline strands woven through the novel and that takes it a notch above most others. Oh and it is very hot too! A great book and highly recommended.

I was given this ARC for review. 

Lesfic Eclectic – Great New Antholgy Coming Soon!

I’m so excited to be one of the authors in this fantastic new anthology, due out 1st October. Edited by Robyn Nyx and featuring stories from RobynValden BushLise Gold AuthorEmma Nichols, Jeannie Levig, Claire Highton-StevensonJenn MatthewsJen Silver, Michelle Arnold, Gill McKnight and Brey Willows. And the great thing is that it’s FREE!

I hope you enjoy this anthology of stories from a mixture of new and established authors.

Review of ‘Deuce’ by Jen Silver

What a wonderful story! ‘Deuce’ is the story of Jay, ex-professional tennis player, and her life after the disappearance at sea of her lover, Charley. Forced to go on without her, she brings up their child and starts a new career. But she isn’t really happy. Charley meanwhile is living in the Faroe Islands with a new name and no memory of her life before. When she starts to remember, the lives of so many people are about to be up-ended. 

The story is so well told. It has love, unexpected family complications, passion and surprises. I could not put it down. I wanted to know what happened next to these characters. They felt real and I began to care about them. They each had to face the fact that time does not stand still and people change. Sometimes that means accepting differences and sometimes it means putting yourself in their shoes. Jen Silver has a talent for crafting characters and storylines that really resonate. She subtly weaves real events into her work and that makes the reader feel more engaged. ‘Deuce’ may be my favourite of her novels so far. 

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Calling Home’ by Jen Silver

calling home

‘Calling Home’ is a lovely story set at an island writer’s retreat. Sarah Frost is a director of the Frost Foundation and along with general manager and friend , Berry Fields, lives and works there happily. Galen Thomas joins them as their handy-person whilst taking a break from her career as a vet. What seems like a normal week for them as hosts to a group of writers turns out to be something very different. The novel goes in directions I could not have predicted. The relationships between the women are intense. Some forged from a difficult and tumultuous past, others new and tender. There was something quite touching about one particular relationship that I found beautiful. Revelations from forty years ago impact them all and turned everything around. I liked Berry a lot. She was emotionally damaged but found a way to cope. Galen had a quiet strength and was a pillar for Berry. She changed too as she began to take control of her own life. The mystery element of the book really gripped me. I really appreciated the north of England setting and you can tell the author has a real affinity for the area. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and highly recommend it.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Changing Perspectives’ by Jen Silver

Portrait woman


This book really surprised and, I have to say, educated me. I don’t usually read or review BDSM and this book was advertised as the first foray into that area by Jen Silver. Although it deals with the subject it is a gentle introduction and there’s nothing in it to scare the horses!

Dani Barker is a prodigiously talented art director with a penchant for leather and whips. Through work she meets Camila Callaghan, an in the closet finance director who seems like the last person on Earth she would have anything in common with. Their attraction is instant and leads to some very interesting interactions. I really liked Dani. She was a very interesting character with some unusual interests and a unique way of living her life. Camila seemed liked an ice queen but she was so hot. Their story is one of realising what you really want and the quest to connect with that special person. One that accepts you and can give you what you need. It was very sexy but with an emotional intensity that really attracted me. The story was set in 1993 and it made it all the more interesting as there were many things we take for granted regarding equality and inclusion that were missing then. The other people around them at work and in their personal lives were fascinating.  I liked Dani’s friend Penny as she was supportive, if a bit despairing at times. I loved it.

I was given this ARC by Affinity eBooks in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Running from Love’ by Jen Silver


Running From Love


I adored this book. Jen Silver has written a wonderful story of a group of mature women on a golf retreat in Cornwall. Now I must admit I’m not a fan of golf but I was surprised at how addictive she made it seem. Beth and Sam are separated and are shocked to bump into each other there. Professional golfer Andi and her lover Freya are both in the closet and have no intention of leaving it. Along with a diverse group of women they are faced with reality and it’s not going away. The setting was beautifully described and made me want to book a week or two there. It is the perfect backdrop for a tale of heartbreak, romance, unrequited love and some very sexy encounters. I couldn’t put it down.


I was given this ARC by Affinity eBook Press in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Christmas at Winterbourne’ by Jen Silver

Christmas at Winterbourne

This is a wonderful story of a group of women who spend Christmas together in a lesbian guest house in the beautiful Sussex countryside.  Wil and Gaby run the business and are expecting their first child any day.  As family, friends and paying guests descend on them for the holidays, they are dealing with a difficult time in their relationship.  Wil’s ‘adopted’ mother, Kim left her the house in her will and many of the women in the house have memories of Kim and issues they still have to deal with.  Clare, Australian actress and Kim’s former lover, is in the UK to resurrect a part in a TV show based on Kim’s books.  She still has unresolved feelings from her time with Kim and hopes that being at the house will help.  One of the guests wants to write a book about Kim and this causes ructions.  We find out a lot in flashback which makes Kim a big part of the story, even though she died many years before.   The other guests are also dealing with relationship problems and it is this mixture of interweaving stories that had me hooked from chapter one.  This is a love story with great humour, relationship angst and deep emotions running through it.  The fact that it is set at Christmas makes it all the more special, with a cosy, traditional feeling.  I felt as if I was there with them all.  The setting is beautifully described and Jen Silver has got me so convinced that I want to book a stay there!  I highly recommend ‘Christmas at Winterbourne’.
I was given this ARC free by Affinity ebook press in return for an honest review.