Review of ‘Racing for Love’ by JM Dragon and Erin O’Reilly


Lena Corkhill is a horse trainer who finds herself attracted to her boss Kate Lawrence. Both women are strong characters who think they know exactly what they want from life. That is until they meet each other. The attraction is instant but it takes them a while to act on it. ‘Racing for Love’ is a very passionate and hot love story with a ‘boo hiss’ villain in the shape of Cordelia, an ex of Lena’s.

The story gives an interesting insight into the world of thoroughbred horse breeding and horse racing. The connection between the women is much more than I expected and was pivotal. I liked both main characters and the baddie really was a horror in the vein of a pantomime villain.

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Review of ‘Death Is Only The Beginning’ by JM Dragon

Death Is Only the Beginning by [Dragon, JM]

I really loved ‘Death Is Only The Beginning’ by JM Dragon as it is a wonderful mixture of mystery, humour and romance.  Millicent Parker is a code breaker during WW2 and spends her weeks in London and her weekends with her lover Charlie in the country.  When she dies in an accident and finds herself bound to Violet Reed, the driver of the car, things start to get very interesting.  Was it really an accident? As the pair begin to investigate they realise that they must deal with Charlie and private investigator Pru who are also looking into the mystery.  Charlie was my favourite character as she was caring, strong and so loveable and I wanted her to find happiness.  The bickering between Milly and Violet was laced with a fair amount of sexual tension – but would they ever admit to that? The story was a very unusual scenario and full of surprises.  It was also set in an English village which, in my mind, is the perfect place for a mystery. I want more of these characters and can see this becoming a well-loved series of books.  Highly recommended.


I was given this ARC by Affinity Rainbow Publications in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Say You Won’t Go’ by JM Dragon and Erin O’Reilly

‘Say You Won’t Go’ by JM Dragon and Erin O’Reilly is a book that really pulled me in.  It is an emotional story, full of intense passion and two main characters that I adored from the start. Logan is passing through town when her truck breaks down, meaning she has to stay put for a lot longer than she planned. Shy waitress Taryn is drawn to her immediately and from that moment they are inseparable. Taryn has a tough life with an uncaring mother who is widely known as the town slut. Logan brings out things in Taryn that were long submerged and I loved seeing how she changed. Logan was like a knight in shining armour and completely wonderful.  Sometimes we need someone to give us the courage to be who we can be and Logan was that person. Taryn’s mother Brenda was a horror and so well written.  I found myself enjoying the story more and more as it went on and was reluctant to put it down until I got to the very end. Having read the ‘Heaven Meets Hell’ series by these authors I was not surprised that they had penned another winner. I highly recommend ‘Say You Won’t Go’.


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Review of ‘The Promise’ by JM Dragon


When Claire’s Grandmother arranges for her to work on a cottage renovation with the rather plain and seemingly uninteresting Kris, she could never imagine just how pivotal this will be in her life.  Having survived an horrific car crash she is living a quiet and limited life compared to her previous existence as a famous lesbian about town.  Kris has been existing and no more in New York City, in a boring job with no prospects and very little money.  With no friends and family who don’t approve of her sexuality, she jumps at the chance to do something different.  For each woman life seems to be passing them by and love an unlikely prospect.  J M Dragon tells the story of how they come to know each other, how they begin to become the women they were meant to be.  The path we end up on doesn’t have to be how we live our lives.  With a push and a little mysterious help from a special cottage and a intuitive, kind housekeeper, Shirley, Claire and Kris change.  This was a slow-burning love story with an interesting ambience and a few mysteries and secrets that were teased out along the way.  I loved how Claire changed from an spoilt rich kid into someone i could really root for.  Circumstances made her who she was but she began to realise that she didn’t have to tread that path forever.  Kris was so unsure of herself and she really grew as a person and as her confidence grew, Claire began to see a beauty in her.  I thought the internal dialogue of the characters throughout the book gave an insight into how they were changing.  This book was about finding the person you need and in doing so becoming a better person yourself.  It was about seeing past the surface and letting love take over.  The two main characters were so right for each other but it took a push and a nudge and a certain enigmatic housekeeper.  This was a sweet love story with a twist

I was given this ARC free by Affinity ebooks in return for an honest review.