Review of ‘A Con Con’ by Anne Hagan

‘A Con Con’ by Anne Hagan is an excellent short story, showing her mastery of mystery. After arriving at the GCLS Convention, she is tired and just wants to freshen up before the activities all begin. But an intriguing mystery has her flummoxed – until she uses her innate skills to solve an interesting mystery. It’s a fun story, with lots of humour. I really enjoyed it and it shows just how much the author loves a good mystery.

I was given this ARC for review

Review of ‘Opera House Ops’ by Anne Hagan


This is the second Morelville Cozies book and another winner for Anne Hagan.  I already love the characters in this story, especially Faye and Chloe, having met them in ‘The Passed Prop’ and in the Morelville Mysteries, which deal with Mel and Dana.  A dead body found in an old opera house in the village sets our heroines off on another investigation and ends up pulling in members of the wider community.  The mystery itself is fascinating and really surprised me more than once.  The strength of an  Anne Hagan book is the brilliant characterisation she has nailed.  The ensemble cast really make me feel part of a family and the cozy feel is evident on every page.  I want to read more in this vein and hope there is another in the series soon.