Lesfic Bard Awards Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Lesfic Bard Awards. I was delighted see such an amazing list of Lesfic authors honoured in this year’s awards. I’ve had the pleasure of reading many of these books over the past year and hope that their success in the awards will point more WLW readers in their direction.

In the Fantasy Section the winner was Alison Naomi Holt for ‘Duchess Rampant’. The Mystery Section was won by Anne Hagan for her fantastic story ‘Steel City Confidential’. Annette Mori won the Romance Award for ‘A Window To Love’, one of my favourites of last year. Elle Hyden won for Best Cover, for her debut novel ‘Lost & Found’. Iza Moreau won the Young Adult section for ‘Tank Baby’, and Jane Alden won the Fiction section with ‘Jobyna’s Blues’, a wonderful story told over two time periods, with a starring role for one of our favourite lesbian stars of the 60s. K Aten won in the Drama category for her powerful story, ‘Burn it Down’. Karen D Badger won two awards – the historical section and the Action Adventure category for ‘Over the Crescent Moon’. Madeleine Taylor scooped the erotica prize for ‘The Good Girl’. McGee Matthews won the New Author award for ‘Moving Violations’ and Rachel Ford took the Science Fiction award for ‘Black Flag: Safe Passage’.

Review of ‘Cavalcade’ by K’Anne Meinel


You know a book is a winner when you love the characters so much you want their story to go on and on. ‘Cavalcade’ by K’Anne Meinel is one such book. Erin and Molly live together on a farm in the mid 1800s and try desperately to keep up the pretence of being just good friends. As their neighbours try to pair them off with eligible men they know they have to move somewhere no-one knows them. Erin’s appearance leads to strangers mistaking her for a man so taking on that role and leaving for a new life in Oregon with Molly seems to be the answer.

The story is beautifully told and the vivid descriptions of life for those heading west were truly fascinating. I worried that their secret would be revealed but also about the dangers and hardships. I felt as if I was there with them and became so invested. Now I can’t wait to read the next book in the series ‘Pioneering’!

I was given this ARC for review.

Petition to separate Lesbian and Gay Fiction categories on Amazon

K’Anne Meinel has started a petition on Change.org to try and persuade Amazon to separate the Lesbian and Gay categories. If you are searching for a lesfic story there is nothing more annoying than being bombarded by tons of m/m books. K’Anne hopes that Amazon will see that the two categories should never be lumped in together.


You can sign her petition at the following link:

Link to Change.org petition

K’Anne has written on her blog about the subject and you can find it here:

K’Anne’s Blog on her petition

Review of ‘Recombinant Love’ by K’Anne Meinel



‘Recombinant Love’ is a fantastic science fiction novel, an adventure not just in terms of storyline but also in character development. It is an epic love story between two very different women from very different times. Ryley Graham disappears from 2015 and wakes up 500 years later. As she struggles to adjust to her new life she becomes drawn to Mercedes, half human, half machine. Dealing with her feelings and letting go of the past are only part it for her. Why was she taken? And by whom?

I loved the growing attraction between Ryley and Mercedes and the issues brought up as a result. Seeing Ryley adapt also gave an insight into the workings of the ship and into the future world she has been thrust into. I want to know more about this sci-fi universe K’Anne Meinel has envisaged and what happens next for the crew of The Escape Hatch. A brilliant book I can highly recommend.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review .

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Review of ‘Vetted’ by K’Anne Meinel



I enjoyed ‘Vetted’ so much as it was a well written story of two interesting and strong women. Alyssa had a miserable life with family members who ignored her opinions and expected her to follow the pattern of so many other girls her age and class. She has an interest in animals but has no support from her family when she wants to direct her studies in that direction. When she meets vet Fiona things begin to change for both of them. The book goes in a direction I wasn’t expecting and I was pleasantly surprised. There is friendship but also romance and tender love scenes and a purpose that could not have been foreseen. The women have their battles to fight on many fronts and it is not always easy for them. I loved it.

Fantastic Contest To Name K’Anne Meinel’s New Book!

I am delighted to let you all know of a fantastic contest by author K’Anne Meinel.  In return for helping her name her new Sci-Fi novel, the winner will get the chance to be named in this book and have a signed copy of said book!  Anywhere in the world! Just sign up at her blog or at this one by commenting below. K’Anne’s blog can be found at



I will leave K’Anne to explain what it means to her to have written her first Sci-Fi novel and how you can enter.


I have a confession…I am a secret Trekkie. No, I don’t go around wearing pointy ears or talking Klingon. No, I have never been to any of the comic-con’s or conventions where you dress up as your favorite character(s). No, I am not a furry either (gross). I have, however, been a fan since the 1970’s of the original Star Trek show, with all of its overly dramatic, overly acted, kitschy kind of ambiance. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see The Star Trek Movie come out back on December 6, 1979. It was one of the few things my father and I had in common that we could share, our love of Star Trek, and later our love of Star Wars. Okay, okay, I know there are those who think you shouldn’t mix the two and I’ve committed heresy by mentioning them in the same sentence, however, they all have their good points.
I am also a cinephilia, before you all get excited about that word, it means: A person with a passionate interest in cinema is called a cinephile, cinemaphile, or, informally, a moviebuff. I do collect movies and have the complete, original, tv series on VHS. I also collect other movies, including GalaxyQuest, Terminator, ET (of COURSE!), The Martian, The Arrival, The Abyss, Signs, and a host of other quaint and not-so-well-known science fiction movies. I collect a lot of other movies as well, I love romance (no surprise there), but westerns (and I mean REAL ones with John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart, Maureen O’Hara, Katherine Hepburn, and other great actors), as well as quirky and out of circulation movies. I have in my collection over 1000 movies, have quite a display of them.  I have run out of room on these shelves for all my movies, even turning them sideways. About one-third of them now are DVD’s.

I never thought I could write a science fiction story. I mean, I write romance. I write murder-mystery. I write action-adventure. I usually write a lot of drama within those genre’s. In 2011, I started a science fiction novel, I thought it would be a novella, but no, there was more to that story than even I anticipated. It would plague me for years as I watched the movies, again and again. Recently I decided to finish it. I won’t tell you what I named it, or even show you the cover I made back then, because, it would defeat the purpose of this blog, and predispose you to the point of the contest. After publishing many Prudence MacLeod novels for Shadoe Publishing, it made me realize, that yes, I CAN write a science-fiction novel, with lesbian characters, and I can make the story believable…thank you Pru for the inspiration!
And, that’s what we get to now. The point of the contest is your HELP in NAMING my science-fiction debut novel. I have the meat of the story. I have the two lovers who fall in love in space. I have the drama. I even have my synopsis, which reads: While hiking the mountains and deserts of Arizona with her best friend, D.O.G., Ryley Graham hears a whirring noise. Thinking he has cornered a rattlesnake, she rushes to protect him only to be blinded by a light seemingly coming from nowhere and everywhere simultaneously.
Waking up 510 years later, she is confused by the technology and ‘people’ that surround her. Skeptical when she is informed she is aboard a spaceship that explores wormholes, it takes a great deal of effort to finally convince her she isn’t in a government-owned facility and isn’t part of some huge experiment or conspiracy.
Adjusting to the odd lifeforms that coexist on the ship, Ryley begins to accept that she can never go back to Earth 2015, and begins to contribute her own unique knowledge and skills to their survival. As Ryley makes new friends, one of them begins to stand out….
Mercédès is half human and half android. She is struggling to understand her human side and the odd feelings she is developing for this Earthwoman.
Learning about love, and learning to love will be a huge challenge as Ryley and Mercédès begin to forge a future. What impact will it have when they discover the real reason Ryley was taken in the first place?
Now, I need YOUR help in NAMING the book! I have found the artwork that will help me when we are ready to go with this book in say 6-8 weeks, but…I thought I’d ask for help from the readers of fan-fiction who happen to enjoy science-fiction.
The winner of my last contest, Mercedes Lewis (first name only and full inflections of her name) got named in this book, so, I offer not only the possibility of the winner of NAMING this new book a chance to be named in my next book, but, I will send a paperback copy of THIS book ANYWHERE in the world (this world only, all other worlds, galaxies, and planets are excluded from this contest and if you ARE entering from any other worlds, galaxies, and planets please let me know so we can have another conversation, possibly a book deal), and, if you know anything about shipping a book out of this country, that gets expensive…so, put on your thinking caps and come up with a name for my yet, as unnamed, novel and you get to have a signed copy!

Something I would like to mention is yes, one of the main characters Mercédès is half human and half android. No, don’t think Data from The Next Generation or even Seven of Nine from Voyager and certainly not Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator, think Vanessa Williams with machine parts in her beautiful body. (If you don’t know who Vanessa Williams is, um, what planet are you from?) With THAT in your fertile imaginations, please help me to get a title for my yet as unnamed novel!
This is how it works:
1) you go to MY blog and SIGN UP (it’s okay if you’re already a follower, you can qualify by signing up with the other participating blogs).
2) you go to the other blogs where you read this and SIGN UP (it’s okay if you’re already a follower, we won’t use our stun guns on you). Please, if you aren’t already followers of these other blogs, please sign up!
3) you put in your two-cents about what YOU think the book should be named, based on the synopsis as well as what you would like to see on this cover. (Don’t worry, we won’t be reading your minds, you have to type out a response for us to consider). Just COMMENT in the comment section at the bottom of my blog!
4) Winner will be informed on the blog, all over social media, and, be named in my next book by being named a character (first name, or both…no financial compensation in any galaxy will be forthcoming for this honor).
5) At the top of the page you can see the cover for inspiration for your suggestion.




Good luck!


Review of ‘Doctored’ by K’Anne Meinel


I was completely and utterly gripped by this novel and devoured it with gusto.  I thought the African setting where young Dr Deanna and nurse Madison meet was wonderfully described and I felt I was right there.  Madison and Deanna fall for each other but Madison is so scared of gossip and her desire to have children seems to be more important than her relationship with Deanna.  When they meet up years later in L.A. can they find a way past a myriad of problems?  Madison’s ex-husband is one of those problems and Catholic guilt from her family doesn’t help either.  Deanna has some secrets of her own that prove interesting too.  The constant through the whole story is the love they have for each other and the immense passion.  This was a fantastic read and I highly recommend it.  Now I just have to read everything from K’Anne Meinel that I can get my hands on as she has a new fan.


I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Shadoe Publishing in return for an honest review.