Review of ‘Coyote Blues’ by Karen F Williams

Psychotherapist Riley Dawson was abandoned on the Appalachian trail as a newborn. A well-to-do young couple adopt her and life seems great, until her lycanthropic genes reassert themselves and she turns into a werecoyote. First love and sexual exploration with her best friend Fiona trigger the change, but having her parents witnesses the transformation leads to the end of her idyllic life. Abandoned for a second time, Riley becomes a therapist and carves out a life alone. Chosen family replace what she’s lost. When, twenty years later, Fiona Bell walks into her practice with huge problems of her own, Riley must find a way to help her. She also has to find a way to deal with her emotions – and stop Fiona finding out she’s a werecoyote. Can she help Fiona without putting her own future on the line?

I really like Riley. She was strong and capable, despite the enormous hurdles she had to overcome. Fiona was the love of her life, but circumstances and family kept them apart. They needed each other, but how on earth could they ever be a couple when the world seemed to be conspiring against them? The secondary characters were also well written. I especially liked Barbara. Her interventions were spot on and she made the other characters stop and think. 

‘Coyote Blues’ is a story with many layers.  Thwarted love, the fear of being found out, intense peril and ever-heightening tension . But there was also friendship, chosen family and hope. There was always hope. An excellently plotted story with twists that had me gasping.  I really enjoyed this book. 

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Cupid’s Bow’ by Karen F Williams

‘Cupid’s Bow’ is a sweet, funny, short romance with endearing characters. Kay Westscott is a novelist winding down after a busy lesbian fiction conference. She meets a beautiful woman in the bar of her hotel where the woman is planning on attending a lesbian speed dating event that night. When they get talking it soon becomes apparent that there is an attraction between them – but will either of them take the initiative? 

I really enjoy short stories and am always delighted to find new ones – especially lesfic ones. This one is a lovely story of unexpected attraction and the hope of more. It poses the question of whether one can fall in love at first sight. And whether you can make a life changing decision based on that one meeting. I loved it. Karen F Williams is an excellent writer with imaginative flair and I always look out for her work. I am happy to add ‘Cupid’s Bow’ to my collection.

I was given this ARC for review by Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books.

Review of ‘As The Crow Flies’ by Karen F. Williams

This book is one of those that you have to sit back and take in just what you have read. I had to take a breath and absorb the story and how it made me feel. Karen F Williams is an extremely talented writer and her exquisite prose captured me from the start. I found myself slowing down as I neared the end as I wanted it to last just a little bit longer. I couldn’t tear myself away from mystery writer Sam, her crow Bertha and Gwen, the alluring professor that Sam has become enamoured with.  Sam’s sister-in-law Liz and gorgeous but repressed Isabel had an equally fascinating storyline and the interweaving of their lives had me glued to the page. When Sam’s quest to find a matching bookend for the one in her possession brings her into contact with philosophy professor Gwen I was entranced. Their reactions to each other are profound and when their lives become entwined neither could have predicted where it would lead. The story has a perfect mix of enchanting romance, mystery and a ghostly element. It was sweet and imaginative at times and powerfully sexy and quite beautiful.  One of the best books I have read this year. Highly recommended.