Auction for KD’s Preventative Mastectomy Fund.

K D Williamson, best-selling WLW author, is organising an auction of Women Loving Women books to raise funds for a preventative mastectomy. Readers can bid on signed paperbacks from their favourite authors. There are a growing number of authors taking part, and I can see a huge amount of interest in the event. Between the 25th July and 1st August you will be able to bid on the books.

My book, The Women And The Storm, will be available to bid for.

Check out the Facebook Group where the bidding will take place.

Review of ‘Big Girl Pill’ by KD Williamson

Maya’s former best friend, Nina, is getting married and she’s going to be a bridesmaid. The problem is, she’s in love with her and it’s not reciprocated. Things between them ended badly, but Maya thinks going through with her wedding duties will help her get over Nina once and for all. Nina is marrying, but she doesn’t seem that keen. Her overbearing snob of a mother and deadly boring fiancé have her under the thumb. Life for her is all about doing what other people expect. Will she ever be able to be her own person?

This story had characters that were relatable and true and made me root for them. I could feel the emotions, the longing and the passion. And it gripped my heart. K.D. Williamson showed us that loving someone so much that it hurts just to think about it, can be heaven or hell. Maya’s pain was obvious and I wanted her to get her happily ever after. I wanted Nina to speak up for herself, to be the great woman I knew she could be. The boyfriend Drew was truly insufferable as was Nina’s mother. It was going to take a great deal of courage on Nina’s part to get out form under that. I really liked her cousin Rachel. She was sassy and forthright and the kick up the backside both Maya and Nina needed.     

I loved the sarcastic humour. KD Williamson used ridiculously funny situations brilliantly and showed the truth of relationships through them. It was about finding strength to be yourself and not living for other people. It had a lovely vibe and some beautifully tender moments – as well as some very hot and sexy times. A great read.

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Between the Lines’ by KD Williamson

Between the Lines (Cops and Docs Book 3)

I can’t praise ‘Between the Lines ‘ highly enough. If I could give it 10 stars I really would. Tonya is a psychiatrist who is having to attend therapy herself to deal with serious family issues. She meets cop Hayley in a very unexpected way and they hit it off immediately. What follows is a journey for Tonya that will see her make long overdue changes and Hayley is the catalyst in all of this. The romantic element was slow burning but worth the wait. It was absolutely scorching again and again and again! I didn’t want this book to end and savoured every moment. The story had an element of threat for both main characters and had me hoping it was all going to be work out. KD Williamson really knows how to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. A fantastic book that has me wanting to go back and read it all again from the start.

I was given this ARC by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review.