Review of ‘Playing With Matches’ by Lacey Schmidt


Lacey Schmidt really surprised me with this book. I thought it was going to be a nice romance about the perils of internet dating and blind dates but it turned out to be so much more. Dr Augusta Stuart, child psychologist, wants to meet someone special to spend time with when she moves to Texas for a new job. Callia Alexana professes to be uninterested in dating and finding a woman she can love and who will love her. Their paths intersect professionally and through friends but they rub each other the wrong way, even though they are immensely attracted to each other. There are disasters, secrets and obstacles to overcome before they can ever hope to be together. This was a story of depth and emotion and I appreciated it more and more as I got to know the characters. Cal was my favourite as she had a vulnerability to her that tugged at my heart. Gus was the calm, patient and understanding one but had her own reasons for holding back. It was beautiful, romantic and very sexy and I highly recommend it.

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Review of ‘Catch to Release’ by Lacey Schmidt

Catch to Release

Addison heads a private security firm used to protecting diplomats and politicians.  Shay is a lesbian folk musician who needs her protection but is reluctant to take it.  Threats keep coming in and when her family is affected she has to agree to Addison’s help.  I enjoyed this tense thriller and it certainly kept me wondering right until the end.  How Addison and her team dealt with their mission and how Shay slowly came to accept them made for an interesting read.  The romantic element was slowly teased out and as both women had issues to deal with before ever being able to commit to someone, it took them time.  The last portion of the book had me holding my breath, as the threats became scarier and more immediate.  I liked the two main characters a lot and found myself rooting for them.  Addison seemed so closed down at the beginning and I felt that Shay’s kind and caring personality really helped her to finally start to live again.  The people around them were well written and really made the whole group feel like a family.  A really good read and recommended for lovers of crime fiction and lesfic.

I was given this ARC free by Affinity ebook Press in return for an honest review.