Review of ‘Addie Mae’ by Addison M Conley

‘Addie Mae’ hits the sweet spot when it comes to lesbian romance. Maddy is ending an awful marriage but her husband and his family aren’t going to make it easy. How can she escape with her dignity and finances intact, when her rich in-laws have the means to make her suffer? Will she spill the beans on her unfaithful husband and his philandering ways? All that matters is the love and respect of her son. What will his reaction be? 

As she adjusts to her new life, gorgeous butch Jessie appears on the scene. Can Maddy take a chance on love? Is Jessie all she seems? 

It’s a well-written and engaging story, with a fascinating setting and premise. I really liked  the main characters, and those around them. There was ultimately a feel-good vibe. I loved it.

Review of ‘A Shot at Love’ by T.B. Markinson

‘A Shot at Love’ is what happens when an American political speech-writer finds herself unceremoniously dumped from her high-stress, high-stakes job and realises her life needs to change. Josie Adams has had it with the backstabbing and slimy world of politics. And Upper Chewford is a million miles away from that. Spotting a beautiful woman in the quaint Cotswolds village takes her breath away – but is she ready to change everything for love? Harry runs the local newspaper, after escaping the rat-race in London. She’s been unlucky in love and can’t believe someone as gorgeous and accomplished as Josie would ever love her. Seeing how they navigated through their insecurities kept me reading, desperate to know how it would all pan out. The other characters around them made it a well-rounded story. I found Josie’s mum, Eugenie infuriating at times – but her uncle, Clive, was endearing and really rather sweet. The book is romantic, sexy and funny. It is the perfect first book in the series, which will soon be followed by stories by Clare Lydon and Harper Bliss. It is such a feel-good story. It made me happy and I love T.B. Markinson for taking me to such a wonderful place and letting me be a part of it. 

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Love’s Encore: The Complete Trilogy’ by Miranda MacLeod

loves encore

I had already read the first two books in the series ‘A Road Through Mountains’ and ‘Your Name in Lights’ but was so happy to read them again in this trilogy and to finish the series with ‘Fifty Percent Iluusion’ I’ve loved being with Rorie and Cecily as they rekindled their relationship and found a way to live their lives, being true to themselves.

In ‘A Road Through Mountains’ Cecily is on the surface a ‘Stepford Wife’, carrying on the family tradition of marrying well and never causing a fuss. She is lonely and unhappy but can’t see a way out. When she volunteers at her local theatre she bumps into Rorie, now a Hollywood set designer but in a previous life, her lover. Their relationship ended badly as Cecily wanted to keep them a secret and Rorie couldn’t live that way.  I really loved this book. It went back and forward between Cecily and Rorie at college and how they came to be together. Cecily was living under such pressure from her political dynasty family and I could see why she was in such a quandry about their relationship. It was 1998 after all and people were not so accepting of gay relationships. Rorie was out and having to deal with other people’s attitudes and wanted to be open about their relationship. Present day was not any easier for Cecily.  I wanted her to see that she could break away from other people’s expectations and be free at last. She was a woman who had to find the strength to be herself and it was great reading her journey. Miranda Macleod has a wonderful story- telling style and weaves so many other side stories and tensions into a great read.

‘Your Name in Lights’ – the second instalment of Rorie and Cecily’s trilogy was not a disappointment . Having read the first book and loved it I had high hopes for this one. Cecily moves to Southern California to start a new life and be with Rorie. Her wish to learn to be independent causes a few problems for her though and she finds out its not easy living only on a pay check. Seeing how her career developed was fascinating and although it led to some separation from Rorie it was something she needed to do. The other characters around them were really well written and allowed facets of their personalities and relationship to come to the fore. I especially liked Rorie’s group of lesbian friends and their little side bets.  The love story was of course integral to the book and it was both beautiful and very sexy. I’m glad Miranda Macleod let us see that love doesn’t always run smoothly but needs work and time. Rorie’s past regarding her parents was a brilliant addition and it was at times heart- wrenching. I was surprised at how affected I was by this part of the story.

‘Fifty Percent Illusion’ is a fitting ending to the series and I loved it. Just when Rorie and Cecily thought they had life sorted and settled something changes that well-laid plan. Seeing how they dealt with the changes in their lives was fascinating. This story was about about deciding what you really want in life. It’s about realising what is really important – and sometimes being surprised by that. It was a really great story and I’m glad to have followed the two women in their journey.

I was given this ARC for review.