Review of ‘Coyote Blues’ by Karen F Williams

Psychotherapist Riley Dawson was abandoned on the Appalachian trail as a newborn. A well-to-do young couple adopt her and life seems great, until her lycanthropic genes reassert themselves and she turns into a werecoyote. First love and sexual exploration with her best friend Fiona trigger the change, but having her parents witnesses the transformation leads to the end of her idyllic life. Abandoned for a second time, Riley becomes a therapist and carves out a life alone. Chosen family replace what she’s lost. When, twenty years later, Fiona Bell walks into her practice with huge problems of her own, Riley must find a way to help her. She also has to find a way to deal with her emotions – and stop Fiona finding out she’s a werecoyote. Can she help Fiona without putting her own future on the line?

I really like Riley. She was strong and capable, despite the enormous hurdles she had to overcome. Fiona was the love of her life, but circumstances and family kept them apart. They needed each other, but how on earth could they ever be a couple when the world seemed to be conspiring against them? The secondary characters were also well written. I especially liked Barbara. Her interventions were spot on and she made the other characters stop and think. 

‘Coyote Blues’ is a story with many layers.  Thwarted love, the fear of being found out, intense peril and ever-heightening tension . But there was also friendship, chosen family and hope. There was always hope. An excellently plotted story with twists that had me gasping.  I really enjoyed this book. 

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Embracing Forever’ by K Aten

K Aten makes the unbelievable, believable. ‘Embracing Forever’ is the second story in The Blood Resonance series and is the ideal blend of paranormal, mystery, romance and hot, hot sex. The world she has built was beautifully done and felt so real to me. It seemed perfectly natural that vampires and werewolves live among us. 

Sarah Colby, a fairly new vampire, lives with her lover Keller, a woman who has lived for centuries, always looking for her soul-mate. Their life together, and that of their family, comes under attack, and they must find who is threatening them. Before it’s too late. There was an interesting tension throughout as they struggled to find and subdue those who wished them harm. There was also a sexual tension that was amped up to eleven! It was scorching – and very imaginative. Some of these scenes should be read in private, that’s all I’m saying. I loved the family vibe of the story, as those with other blood became bonded to each other, out of necessity but also out of love. I really enjoyed the first book in the series, ‘Running From Forever’, but this is even better. I highly recommend it.

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Blood of the Pack’ by Jenny Frame

Family, loyalty, love and passion- that’s what ‘Blood of the Pack’ is essentially about. Kenrick Wulver is about to become the Alpha of her pack in the Scottish Highlands. And she’s struggling with the changes this will mean. She visits the Wolfgang Pack in the States to try and learn some of the new responsibilities she’ll be expected to master. While there she comes across a wounded submissive wolf and feels something she’s never felt before. Zaria is from the Lupan Pack and has been on the run for years from their cruelty and abuse. She can never trust a dominant wolf and tries to keep Kenrick at arms length. But it becomes increasingly difficult to resist.

The story is about gaining trust and also about  being open to other wolves. I loved the world she’s built for this story and although I haven’t read the previous books in the series, its not a problem.  The descriptions of Wulver Forest were so evocative and I was completely entranced. As well as being about family and community- a theme throughout Ms Frame’s books, she also gets across that aching need in her characters. The need for a mate and the joy and pain that brings. Kenrick and Zaria are drawn to each other, but it’s never that simple. The building of a relationship is written with such tenderness and care and I never once doubted the love they felt for each other. The sex scenes were beautifully done. Jenny Frame writes the hottest, most imaginative sex in all of her books. And she always finds a way to bring in something unusual and surprising. She certainly did in this one. They were wild and passionate and scorching. I loved this book so much that I’ll have to go and read the rest in the series now. Highly recommended.

I was given this ARC for review.

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Review of ‘Silver Collar (Garoul #4)’ by Gill McKnight


As a huge fan of the Garoul Series I couldn’t wait to get started on this volume. We are back in Little Dip and with the family of werewolves, headed by Alpha ,Marie Garoul. Luc Garoul is on the run after causing havoc in Canada and in Little Dip. Her twin sister Ren is desperate to find her and help Marie treat the serious illness she is obviously suffering from. Someone else is hunting her down too and the repercussions could be dire. Emily wants to prove the existence of werewolves and make the Garouls pay for what she believes they have done to her family.

The story was most unexpected and fascinating. Luc and Emily get off to a very unusual start and how this develops was very inventive and complex. I loved that the rest of the Garouls were involved but getting to know Luc and Emily was the best part of the story. I have now read every book in this series and I implore Gill McKnight to hurry up and bring out the next one. I can hardly wait!

Review of ‘Indigo Moon’ by Gill McKnight



‘Indigo Moon’ takes the Garoul Series in a new direction as we are introduced to feral werewolves. Isabelle is attacked on her way home but remembers little. All she knows is that Ren is caring for her as she heals. Ren is hiding a whole lot from her, but can Isabelle work it out before it’s too late? Hope and Godfrey, mates of twins Jolie and Andre Garoul may be Isabelle’s only hope as she struggles to find out what has happened to her.

This was a fascinating mystery and I really appreciated how the whole mythology around the Garouls was opened up. It was hot and sexy at times and a thrilling chase at breakneck speed at others. It had me breathless. I love this series and am so glad Gill McKnight is writing a new one, due for release this year.