Review of ‘Love To The Rescue’ by Radclyffe

Reading a Rivers series book is like coming home. I feel as if I know all of these characters so well and I always enjoy being in their company. I will never tire of them. There are so many layers to the Rivers story and ‘Love To The Rescue’ adds another fascinating one. 

Brody Clark moves back to town after a decade away. As the new helicopter medic at the  hospital she comes face to face with people she would much rather avoid – and with some issues she has avoided. Val Valentine left town for the big city but finds herself back helping a friend who saw something in her and influenced her career. The two women were never really in each others’s spheres at high school but as adults they find an attraction that makes them rethink the future. I liked the connection between them. Sometimes we have to meet someone at the right time, for only then will we be truly ready for each other. Radclyffe pitches it just right with this story. I loved every word. She makes us believe in love and romance and,of course, the sex is so hot. She weaves various threads seamlessly and yet again left me wanting more of this series. Excellent!

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Against All Odds’ by Kris Bryant, Maggie Cummings and M Ullrich


‘Against All Odds’ is a heart-achingly beautiful love story. Peyton and Tory meet under tragic circumstances and have to deal with so much together in the aftermath.  The connection between them was intense and true and felt completely natural. It was also unbelievably sexy and the intimate moments captured the feelings they had for each other so well.  I liked getting to know them through their individual chapters. Each of the three authors wrote a character and it really worked.  Their styles intertwined seamlessly and  I hope they may consider doing another book together in this way. The appalling situation that brings them together is full of tension and suspense. It introduces us to Bradley, a class A creep and psycho. Weaving his thoughts through the story was chilling but highly effective. An excellent novel that had me gripped till the very end.

I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Bold Strokes for review.

Review of ‘Autumn’s Light’ by Aurora Rey


Aurora Rey has shown a mastery of evoking setting and this is especially evident in her Cape End romances set in Provincetown. I have loved this entire series and the fact that my favourite characters pop up in this one too is wonderful. ‘Autumn’s Light’ is the story of Graham, a naturalist working on a dolphin spotting boat. She wants her happily ever after but is fed up waiting for it to happen. When she spots a gorgeous woman working one of the lobster boats in the harbour, she tells herself she can keep it casual and no-strings. Mat makes it clear she can’t offer more than that. Can either of them stick to their guns?

Their story was off-the-scale in terms of sexual intensity and emotion. Mat’s journey was complex and I felt my emotions change towards her as the novel progressed. I really liked her and felt great empathy for her. Graham was sweet and caring and I hoped that she would get what she really craved. I loved that we also got to see Graham and Mat interact  with her Aunt Nora and girlfriend Will. We got to see so many sides of Graham this way – as a niece, a friend, a scientist and a lover.

There was a calm, cosy and homely feel right away in the story and the feel-good quotient had me hoping this was not going to be the end of this series. I highly recommend ‘Autumn’s Light’.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Take Your Time’ by VK Powell

take time

‘Take Your Time’ is the third in the Pine Cone romance series and rounds off the series in a way that pulls all of the threads together and answers so many questions. VK Powell, D Jackson Leigh and Missouri Vaun each took one couple and told their story. Seeing the events from all different angles was fascinating. ‘Take Your Time’ was the story of local cop, Grace Booker and her growing attraction for new vet to town, Dani Wingate. Grace and Dani get off to a bad start when Dani makes assumptions about law enforcement officers and assumes Grace is typical of the species. Finding out about Dani’s backstory made me understand her a lot more and I could see why she acted the way she did. Grace was sweet, caring and fun and the kind of woman anyone would want to be with – so why did Dani keep backing away? I loved how all of the stories of the triumvirate of friends – Grace, Trip and Clay- were woven through each other. I had gotten to know Trip and Clay in the previous books and they were strong characters  whose love lives impacted on each other. This was a big strength in this story as it gave depth and made the town of Pine Cone come alive for me. I felt that ‘Take Your Time’ was the most emotional of the three stories and I really appreciated how the author dealt with some difficult issues. A very good story.

|I was given this ARC from Bold Strokes and Netgalley to review.