Review of ‘The Christmas Proposal’ by Lisa Moreau

I know Christmas was months ago, and it might seem strange to be reading a Christmas romance in March, but ‘The Christmas Proposal’ is a book I would recommend reading any time of the year. 

Grace Dawson might be over her ex, Christina, but the thought of planning her proposal to another women makes her want to run for the hills. She has found a way past the hurt of their break-up and is ready to find that special woman of her own. Working for ‘Tie the Knot’ brings her face to face with romance every day, but so far she has yet to find love for herself. 

Bridget Cartwright is Christina’s new PA, and has been tasked with organising a romantic proposal for her. But Bridget doesn’t have a romantic bone in her body and doesn’t have a clue where to start. When she hires Grace for the job, the pair become stranded on Mistletoe Mountain, and it is there, in the most Christmassy town imaginable, that they begin to realise change is possible. Will they each be able to escape the past and find true love?

‘The Christmas Proposal’ is like a lesbian Hallmark movie. I wallowed in the wonderful Christmas feeling and forgot about the outside world for a few hours . Mistletoe Mountain was a beautiful small town, with warmth from Grace’s family and the townsfolk. It made me smile. It made me happy. I don’t believe Christmas novels are just for Christmas. In this case I would read Grace and Bridget’s story year round. It was the tonic I needed. 

Lisa Moreau writes heart-warming stories of love and romance. She makes me love her characters and the wonderful settings she chooses for them. I have read all of her books and adore them all. They are like a giant hug and a comforting escape when we need it most. 

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘A Moment In Time’ by Lisa Moreau

I’ve read every book Lisa Moreau has written and I’ve never been disappointed. ‘A Moment In Time’ is definately another winner. Claire Fontenot jilted her boyfriend many years ago and his family have never forgiven her. Their two families are now bitter rivals in the hot sauce business and their fathers, once friends, now detest each other. When Claire meets Ivy Savoy, the much younger sister of her ex, the pair are instantly attracted. How can it ever work? 

It’s a romantic and sweet story with two extremely likeable main characters. Claire wants to do the right thing, but the Savoys can’t let go of their hatred for her actions. Ivy may be younger, but she’s mature and responsible and very kind. Each of them have problems they have to work through. Seeing them do so together was lovely. I really loved the setting too. I always enjoy finding out about new places and small town Louisiana was fascinating. The story had a powerful message and it was one that only made sense to our main characters once they spent time together . 

‘A Moment In Time’ is a feel-good story and made me want to smile. Who could ask for anything more? Highly recommended.

I was given this ARC for review. 

Review of ‘Love Birds’ by Lisa Moreau

‘Love Birds’ is a beautiful love story set in the adorable setting of Ojai, California. Emily owns a magazine for bird enthusiasts and needs that one big story to save her publication. She has let other people run her life for far too long and takes the chance to do something for herself. Pole-dancer Sydney has her hopes set on a dream job but has to make some changes if she is going to get there. These two women from totally different words find themselves thrown together and as they find a way to coexist, something neither expected changes their lives forever. Lisa Moreau writes the most appealing characters, with a gentleness and understanding that I’ve yet to find in another author. Her stories are so romantic but when things get hot she knows just what buttons to press. I loved seeing how the relationship between Emily and Sydney developed. It was sweet and sexy but also very empowering. I really enjoyed this story, as I have everything I’ve read by this author. I can highly recommended ‘Love Birds’

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Picture Perfect” by Lisa Moreau


Gabby Pacelli and Olive are rivals in Catalina’s prestigious photography competition and have been for the past few years. When Olive’s employer takes on the Pacelli family wedding assignment she finds herself face to face with the most gorgeous yet infuriating woman. Can they even be friends never mind anything more? ‘Picture Perfect’ is a charming romance between two equally yummy main characters. Olive is sweet and kind and has a vulnerability about her over a past that she hasn’t faced yet. Gabby has spent her life doing what her family wants instead of following her dream of being a photographer. They bring out the best in each other and drive each other crazy at other times. I loved the setting and the wonderful descriptions of Catalina. The family dynamic was compelling and I liked how Olive became a part of it. I was enthralled by this story.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘The Butterfly Whisperer’ by Lisa Moreau


‘The Butterfly Whisperer’ is a lovely heart-warming story of two women who come back into each other’s lives after 10 years and find that the feelings they once had have not changed. Jordan returns to her old home town, Monarch, and finds that it has become obsessed with butterflies and even has a butterfly sanctuary, now run by her childhood best friend Sophie.  She was madly in love with Sophie before she left town and those feelings are still there.  The problems arise when she finds her love for Sophie is threatened by her present day business dealings.

I found their love story very sweet and compelling and thought the tension and worry felt by Jordan as she tried to reconcile her feelings was well written.  The town of Monarch was wonderful and I loved the characters inhabiting it, especially Bertha and the twins with their matching gingham outfits!  There was a warmth and a feeling of community and I wanted Jordan to see that these things were more important than her Hollywood lifestyle as a celebrity matchmaker.  Would her love for Sophie be enough to convince her?  

A really enjoyable read.

I was given this ARC free by Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books in return for an honest review.