Review of ‘To The Moon And Back’ by Melissa Brayden

I need happy stories at this point in time and I went to Melissa Brayden for that reason this week. She didn’t let me down. ‘To The Moon And Back’ was heart-warming, romantic and hot – and it made me smile. 

Ms Brayden does adorable. I know that. But she always surprises me by just how wonderfully adorable her characters can be. Lauren Prescott was sweet, kind and on top of every detail. As production stage manager at the respected McAllister Theatre, she is the person everyone looks to to keep the productions on track. She’s heard all the rumours about their new leading lady, Hollywood star Carly Daniel, but is well prepared. The wayward actress won’t know what hit her. In the nicest way possible of course, because Lauren gets things done without alienating a soul. 

Their first meeting was like a thunderbolt and Lauren was dazzled, just as everyone else was, by Carly. Carly was so laid back and Lauren had quite a job on her hands. Carly just didn’t  get the real effects of her behaviour on other people. And how annoying it was. But the attraction was powerful and I couldn’t help but root for them. The sexual tension was off the scale hot and the lovemaking mind-blowing. It was a beautiful story set in the fascinating world of theatre. I loved it. 

I was given this ARC for review. 

Review of ‘Back To September’ by Melissa Brayden

Melissa Brayden writes beautiful romances that never fail to be tender, loving and hot. ‘Back to September’ is no exception. But this time she went that little bit further. Hannah and Parker’s story had me gripped and I thought my heart would break in two. Here were two characters that needed to be together, but it wasn’t going to be that easy. 

Hannah liked her life to be fairly predictable and ordered. She was  not overly concerned about romance. If it happened it happened. In walks Parker Bristow to her life. She’s smart and sexy and full of positive energy and Hannah can’t help but fall for her charms. Parker is a world-famous romance author and just having her visit Hannah’s store makes a huge impact. When they are together it’s adorable and unexpected, but can it ever really work out? Long-distance relationships are hard enough, but other issues get in the way too.

I really loved Hannah. She was loyal and kind and seemed to blossom when Parker was around. Parker was wonderful, and who wouldn’t love a romance writer anyway? But it was her struggles that tore at my heart. I just wanted everything to come right for her. I wanted her to see she was worth it, worth loving. As with all of Melissa Brayden’s books I got my ‘aaah’ moment though. It was so beautifully written and love always wins. 

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ by Melissa Brayden

‘Beautiful Dreamer’ is a joyful, happy, romantic story. Set in the picture-perfect Dreamer’s Bay, it is home to a woman who positively radiates sunshine, one who sees the good in everything and tries to see it in those she meets. Elizabeth Draper runs an odd-job business from her garage and is exactly where she wants to be in her life – except she has no-one to share it with. When Devyn Winters comes back to town to deal with an emergency situation, the pair find themselves spending more and more time together. Back in their high school days they did not move in the same circles. Devyn was part of a mean girl clique, while Elizabeth was the one involved in organising groups to help her fellow students. They might both be lesbians, but that doesn’t mean they can get past who they used to be and become friends or more. 

Yet again Melissa Brayden had me immersed in the most beautifully romantic love story. One where I rooted for Elizabeth and Devyn from the start. Devyn was a high-powered real estate broker and had no time for relationships. Her life ran like clockwork, thanks to the various assistants she employed. But she wasn’t happy, and slowly began to see that there was another way. Elizabeth surprised her every day and opened her eyes to new possibilities. The story was endearing, addictive and hot. I loved Dreamer’s Bay. It was idyllic and I could see that Devyn would be so much happier there, rather than her rat-race life in Philadelphia. And by the end, not a dry eye in the house. Romantic happily ever afters are Melissa Brayden’s speciality after all. Highly recommended.

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Love Like This’ by Melissa Brayden


Melissa Brayden knows just how to get her reader’s hearts beating faster. Her stories are full of the most joyful romantic moments that literally take my breath away. ‘Love Like This’, the final book in the Seven Shores Series is a perfect example. We have followed the love lives of the group of friends living in the Seven Shores Complex in Venice Beach and this time it’s Hadley’s turn. What she doesn’t know about fashion and how to make customers happy is not worth knowing. She is sweet and caring and a ray of sunshine but has yet to find that special someone who will make her life complete. An eternal optimist, she truly believes that her ‘Big Bang’ moment is just around the corner. Spencer Adair, on the other hand, does not believe in finding a one true love. She’s open to finding someone for now, but not forever. How can these two world views ever come together?

It was wonderful being back with Gia, Isabel, Autumn, Kate, Taylor and Elle. It was like a homecoming for all of them and it felt right. I loved finding out more about Hadley this time as she has always been the happy, thoughtful friend but never centre stage. I adored her even more by the end of this book. I can’t imagine anyone not falling in love with her. We got to see more of her and at a deeper level. After spending so much of her life being there for other people I wanted her to fall in love and get that ‘happy ever after’ she always wanted. I liked that Spencer was so different from Hadley. The contrast really worked well and I couldn’t stop smiling as I read this beautiful romance. As this was the last in the series I read slowly as I didn’t want it to end, but Ms Brayden has rewarded her loyal readers with a feel-good wrap up that will leave us all swooning for days. I highly recommend ‘Love Like This’ – and now I’m off to read the series from the start again!

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Review of ‘Sparks Like Ours’ by Melissa Brayden


I love the Seven Shores Series by Melissa Brayden and eagerly await the release of each new one. ’Sparks Like Ours’ is the story of professional surfer Gia Malone and her rival for the top spot, Elle Britton. Gia thinks Elle is false and plays up to the media way too much, but she can’t help but notice her killer smile and great body. Elle thinks Gia just doesn’t like her. As they are pushed together in a promo deal they get to know each other and the sparks are definitely there – but can it ever go anywhere when they both are vying to be No1? Again Melissa Brayden has written a beautiful romance that manages to be sweet and endearing at times and very hot and heavy. This woman knows how to write throbbing passion! I enjoyed finding out more about Gia outwith her interaction with her friends Isabel, Hadley and Autumn. They are an amazing group of women who are always there for each other and they pull together for Gia when she needs it most. Seeing her in love and vulnerable was new for them as well as for the reader. I liked Elle a lot. She learned a lot about herself and developed as a character. I wanted her to be the one for Gia. Autumn’s story was lovely and brought all of the friends together in a way that bonded them even more. I won’t spoil why, but it was a highlight for me. Ms Brayden always makes me cry happy tears in her books and ‘Sparks Like Ours’ was no exception. It was so utterly romantic that I couldn’t help myself. I want more of the same please…..

I was given this Arc by Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Hearts Like Hers’ by Melissa Brayden


No one does adorable like Melissa Brayden. And as for romantic and heartwarming, she is unsurpassed. ‘Hearts Like  Hers’ is set in the Venice Beach area and specifically around the Seven Shores Apartment complex. Rather a lot of lesbians choose to live there and this time we find out more about coffee shop owner and all round wonderful friend Autumn. Although she has the best friends ever she is lonely and feels she has reached a point where she wants to change that. Into her life walks gorgeous firefighter Kate, a woman with troubles of her own and a need to get away from her own life in Oregon. Their story is sweet and oh so hot but they have both put up barriers. Can they get past them?

I think Autumn is my favourite character from the Seven Shores series. She is completely adorable, loving and caring and deserves to be loved by someone special. Kate is strong and capable as a firefighter but circumstances have made her doubt herself. She and Autumn have a connection that is intense and just feels right. I wanted this relationship to work.

This story made me misty eyed and happy and I realised that every Melissa Brayden book has that effect on me. I loved it!

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Eyes Like Those’ by Melissa Brayden


Eyes Like Those

I have to admit it – I’ve  loved everything I’ve ever read by Melissa Brayden. Her latest novel ‘Eyes Like Those’ is another beautiful love story that hits all the right notes and has captured my heart. When Isabel Chase realises her dream by getting a job as a staff writer on one of the biggest hits on TV she makes quite an impression on her new boss, Taylor Andrews. The fact that it may be unethical to fall for each other makes them think twice about taking it further. With so much going on with the to show and a ex from hell, things are not going to be easy. 

Brayden’ writing is superb, with some amazing lines that say so much in so few words. She doesn’t waste a syllable and has truly mastered the art of sexy, romantic prose. The characters she has imagined for this first story in a new series are fun, fascinating and I warmed to them all. Isabel may have problems believing in herself but once riled she is a force to be reckoned with. I adored Taylor’s caring attitude and capable air and so want to see more of the pair as the series progresses. Isabel’s friends in Venice are wonderful and we learned just enough about them to realise their stories will be just as good. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

I was given this ARC by Bold Strokes Books and Netgalley in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Strawberry Summer’ by Melissa Brayden


Strawberry Summer

‘Strawberry Summer’ is a story of young love that captured my heart and didn’t let go until the very last page.   Maggie and Courtney seem like complete opposites but the attraction between them is sweet and intense, as all first loves are.  The emotional connection is so strong that neither of them can ever forget how it makes them feel.  I so wanted them to be together and felt tears welling at several points in the book.  As they become adults their lives change but the pull is still there.  Melissa Brayden has imagined a perfect setting, amongst the strawberry fields and in the heart of small town California.  Her writing is so evocative and I felt as if I was among those fields every summer with Maggie and Courtney.  This is a beautiful and passionate story of a love that had me from the start.
I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books in return for an honest review.