Review of ‘Song of Serenity’ by Brey Willows

What’s a Muse to do when her much-anticipated peaceful break is under threat? Calliope Ardalides is the eldest of the nine Muses, and is responsible for arbitrating arguments between the gods and answering for their failures to the humans who complain. Her haven of serenity is a small Scottish village, where the Temple of the Muses is situated. But when an American businesswoman lodges plans for an adventure park right next door, Calliope’s hopes of relaxation and calm are shattered. Despite a powerful attraction neither women appear ready to yield. Can they each get what they want? And will they be able to resist the pull of something more?

I’ve been looking forward to this, the first in a new series set in the Afterlife Inc world. The first trilogy was excellent and my favourite series of the past five years. This time we are with the Muses, and they are just as compelling. Calliope is a talented musician and singer, but has been so caught up in the other aspects of her job, that her artistic side has taken a back seat. Being in Scotland lets her enjoy music again, but the threat to her peace from Jordan James and her plans is worrying. Although she’s used to seeing an issue from both sides at work, it’s more difficult in this case. She’s a kind, thoughtful and sensitive soul and I really liked her. 

Jordan wasn’t the big, bad wolf, even though she wanted to build next to the Temple. I could see her point of view, and it would certainly help the local community. But she had to see the whole picture, and Calliope was the person to help her do that. Their attraction was intense and powerful, but it was also healing for both of them. 

Brey Willows describes the Scottish countryside perfectly and makes me feel as if I’m there. She sees past the surface and allows the reader a peek of that too. I love the marrying of old and new, the mythology and the present. The story shows wonderful imagination, and I never tire of reading what she has come up with . She knows her characters inside out and allows the reader to become part of their lives. 

‘Song of Serenity’ is a stunning story. I highly recommend it.

I was given this Arc for review. 

Review of ‘Elemental Attraction’ by K Aten

‘Elemental Attraction’ by K Aten is the first in her new MythWorld Series. It’s a beautifully crafted tale of shapeshifters, mythical creatures and destiny. Ellys is a half-elven swordsman and a great one at that. She hires out her skills to help keep body and soul together for herself and her companion steed, Roccotari. When dragon shapeshifter, Aderri offers her more than the usual rate to help her get home for an important family ceremony she agrees. But the journey is fraught with danger and the threesome find themselves dealing with more than they bargained for. Add in the beginnings of an attraction that grows hotter as they near Aderri’s homeland. As each grapple with their own and others expectations, life becomes a whole lot more interesting. 

The world-building is superb in ‘Elemental Attraction’ and K Aten has once again hooked me with her imaginative storytelling. The mixture of different creatures is fantastic and seeing how they interact with each other made me laugh and sometimes shed a tear. Ellys is strong and fearless and loyal. She strives to achieve balance in everything she does. Her relationship with Roccotari is funny, sarcastic and joyful. They have an amazing bond and it is the most significant relationship for both of them. As they travel with Aderri we begin to see that love does not have to be static, and change can be embraced. I loved the banter between the three, but also the traditions, mythology and history that made them who they were. A great story.

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Fury’s Bridge’ by Brey Willows

furys bridge

‘Fury’s Bridge’ is the first in the Afterlife Inc Series by Brey Willows and is wonderful. Selene Perkton is a philosophy professor who likes life to be safe and dependable. When Alec Graves, a fury, comes into her life nothing is ever the same. The gods work out a building in Santa Monica, California and Alec’s job is to save their very existence. What does this have to do with Selene? And what will this mean for her when she does find out?

The story is beautifully written, with such honesty and passion that it quite took my breath away. I loved Selene and I understood her. She was different and she knew it. I liked that about her and so many people will recognise themselves in her. I have always thought Dani (Death) was my favourite character in this series but Selene is vying with her for first place. She is thoughtful and intelligent and I wondered how she would manage to accept something that she could never imagine as a logical thinker. There is something so  intriguing and compelling about the whole concept of this book. The imagination and knowledge of ancient myths, religions and the classics that went into telling this story is seriously impressive. Alec was strong and powerful but when confronted with Selene her life was turned upside down. The intensity of their feelings was emotionally gripping and the heat leapt off the page. There is something to be said for complete acceptance and Brey Willows managed to show how life changing that can be. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

Review of ‘Fury’s Death’ by Brey Willows

fury death

I’ve been looking forward to this next book in the amazing Fury series. Meg is the third Fury sister and all about sex and fun and no commitment. She has harboured a liking for Dani Morana, otherwise known as Death. The feeling is mutual but neither have acted on it over the centuries. Huge and disturbing changes in the world, caused by Dis (Chaos), make everyone re-evaluate and maybe, just maybe the pair can become important to each other.

I enjoyed finding out more about Afterlife and the complexities of the organisation and the departments run by each god. Meg and Dani play a big part in how it reacts to the problems caused by Dis. This allowed us to see how the women changed as a result of the challenges they were faced with. Meg is more than the facade she has shown to the world thus far. And as for Dani- I never imagined I would ever say that Death was adorable, but in this case it is oh so true. I loved her. There are some very hot sex scenes that are filled with emotion and variety. They really add to the story and make us see just how important Meg and Dani have become to each other.

Brey Willows has again managed to weave a brilliant story using myths, ancient gods and a present day story that is fascinating and unique. A well deserved 5 Stars!

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.


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