Review of ‘The Princess Deception’ by Nell Stark


This book was one of those that grew on me the more I read it. I didn’t realise just how much I would become invested in Viola and Duke’s story but by the end I was willing them to be together. Princess Viola of Belgium decides to impersonate her twin brother Sebastian at a crucial event. She is determined his heroin overdose won’t become common knowledge as she attends a FIFA meeting to try and secure a bid to host the World Cup. Ex-soccer player and rookie reporter Duke sees through the ruse right away, especially since she is attracted to ‘Sebastian’ and is never normally attracted to men. Will her new career lead her to ‘out’ Viola? Or will love conquer all?

Their attraction is intense and extremely hot- sizzling in fact! But the love shone through more than anything else and they were destined for each other. Nell stark gave more than a nod to the previous books in her Princess series by including some of the characters in this story. Since I haven’t read those yet I am keen to get a hold of them now. ‘The Princess Deception’ is a lovely, sexy romance that swept me off my feet.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.