Review of ‘Pathway To Love’ by Radclyffe

‘Pathway To Love’ is the latest in the Rivers Community Romance Series. I’ve enjoyed the series and I’m always keen to be back with the characters. In this book Dr. Bennett Anderson joins the hospital as the new head of the Sports Medicine Department. With no plans to extend her stay beyond a year, she doesn’t want any ties in her romantic endeavours either. Dr Courtney Valentine is intent on learning as much as she can in her chosen profession , before settling on a specialty. And she wants no-strings in her love life. Will they be able to stick to their goals, or will romance have other ideas?

The thing that stood out was just how much was packed into one day in this story. The meeting between Ben and Court was just the start of a very busy day, full of drama and intense feelings. I liked both characters, and as with every other Rivers novel, I loved getting to spend time with the Rivers family and the staff in the hospital. I loved the medical elements of the story, and it is obviously true to life and expertly written, coming from a real-life surgeon . The romance did work for me but I was surprised at the pace. I can certainly believe they would fall in love quickly, but the ending was abrupt and I would have liked another chapter or two – even an epilogue. A good story.

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Unrivaled’ by Radclyffe

‘Unrivaled’ is the story of Dec, an attending, back at Philadelphia Medical Center after years away. Her recovery after an accident complete, she is determined to make work her top priority and leave love for other people. But she didn’t count on meeting resident, Zoey. She’s a breath of fresh air to Dec, but Zoey won’t ever consider coming second place with a woman.  Will they be able to meet in the middle? Can love make them change?

There’s a wonderful family feeling to this story, with the other characters being such an integral part. The other doctors have interesting backstories that weave in perfectly with Dec and Zoey’s blossoming love story. I was as invested in them as I was the two main characters. The group dynamic was a huge part of this book. It worked perfectly and made me want to know what happens next for them all. I liked the slow burn between Dec and Zoey. We find  out about each of them gradually,  and I enjoyed getting to know them through their reactions to each other. It’s a passionate story with a perfectly crafted and paced romance at its heart. 

I was given this ARC to review.

Review of ‘Treacherous Seas’ by Radclyffe

Radclyffe made me smile again. Going back to Provincetown and to some old friends, was exactly the tonic I needed in these difficult times. As Reese Conlon and her wife Tory await a much anticipated birth, the town faces an unknown threat. Andy Champlain, a rookie cop, is working the busy summer months in Provincetown. Sometimes it seems she’s trying too hard to prove herself. But to whom? Encountering the new PA at Tory’s clinic, Laurel,  certainly brightens her day, and she has no complaints when a mysterious outbreak on a berthed cruise ship keeps bringing them together. 

I loved how all of the main characters were brought together to deal with the outbreak. Seeing their work and home lives mingle was fascinating. And it made the story more real. The writing is such that the reader feels an affinity to these characters. We can identify with them. Radclyffe manages to engender a feeling of belonging, of being home. I enjoyed the romantic elements immensely, but the mystery aboard the cruise ship piqued my interest even more. I love a good mystery – in this case a medical mystery. Seeing how they all coped made me think it might turn out OK for us all in the end. A fantastic read.

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Love On The Night Shift’ by Radclyffe.

Do you ever read a love story and feel immediately that it’s meant to be? Well that’s exactly what happened when I read ‘Love On The Night Shift’. I love the Rivers series with a passion. Every single time, I’m convinced the one I’m currently reading is my all-time favourite and can’t be topped. But they get better and better as the series progresses. Blaise and Grady’s story pulled at my heartstrings again and again, and by the end I was on an emotional high.

Charge Nurse Blaise Richelieu has spent seventeen years raising her daughter alone, keeping all admirers at a safe distance. When hot new attending Grady McClure starts to show an interest, she goes into shields-up mode as usual. But there’s something endearing about Grady and maybe this time it won’t be so easy to resist. She has her reasons to be wary of attachments, but Grady’s charm might be beginning to wear her down. 

Blaise was strong, intelligent and brilliant at her job. Caring for her daughter has been her top priority. Maybe she has forgotten that she’s a woman with needs and deserves find that special someone. I could see exactly where she was coming from, but Grady was an irresistible force. Who could resist? I loved seeing them begin to get to know one another. Their gently flirting was beautifully done. The attraction was intense and hot and so was the sex.  Interweaving the stories of the Rivers clan, their kids and the townsfolk pushed this novel up even further in my estimation. I want to know what is happening to them and the impact their stories have on each other. 

When I finished this book I had all the feels. It was emotional and important. Their story was important. And not just for them as a couple. It was romantic and sexy but above all it felt right. They were meant to be together . I adored it. Highly recommended.

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Love To The Rescue’ by Radclyffe

Reading a Rivers series book is like coming home. I feel as if I know all of these characters so well and I always enjoy being in their company. I will never tire of them. There are so many layers to the Rivers story and ‘Love To The Rescue’ adds another fascinating one. 

Brody Clark moves back to town after a decade away. As the new helicopter medic at the  hospital she comes face to face with people she would much rather avoid – and with some issues she has avoided. Val Valentine left town for the big city but finds herself back helping a friend who saw something in her and influenced her career. The two women were never really in each others’s spheres at high school but as adults they find an attraction that makes them rethink the future. I liked the connection between them. Sometimes we have to meet someone at the right time, for only then will we be truly ready for each other. Radclyffe pitches it just right with this story. I loved every word. She makes us believe in love and romance and,of course, the sex is so hot. She weaves various threads seamlessly and yet again left me wanting more of this series. Excellent!

I was given this ARC for review.

Review of ‘Passionate Rivals’ by Radclyffe


I always love reading a new Radclyffe novel and ‘Passionate Rivals’ kept my interest until the end. I found myself enjoying the medical and hospital aspects of this book as much as the romantic elements. As I have come to expect,  the writing was excellent and the characters strong and  impressive women.

I was given this ARC from Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books  to review.

Review of ‘Dangerous Waters’ by Radclyffe


I love disaster movies so this book was right up my street. I could see this story being made into a movie as it was fast-paced, full on action from start to finish. National Guard Colonel Sawyer Kincaid is put in charge of the preparations for Hurricane Leo which is about to hit Florida and predicted to cause major damage. She must coordinate with Dr Dara Sims of Miami Memorial Hospital, but neither woman is used to giving way when it comes to decision making. Their interactions are intense from day one but they must stay focused on the job in hand. The slow build up of emotions and heat between them is entirely believable and feels right. I enjoyed the scientific aspects of the story too and appreciated how Radclyffe tied in the reports from the National Hurricane Center. It certainly ramped up the tension level. Both main characters were strong women with successful careers but their loves lives were lacking due to issues from the past. When they met everything just seemed to click into place.

I was given this ARC by Bold Strokes Books and Netgalley in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Love After Hours’ by Radclyffe


This one was a sweet slow burner that has the same family feel of the previous Rivers stories. This time the romance revolves around Carrie, Presley’s executive admin assistant and best friend. She’s super organised and brilliant at her job and has her whole life planned down to the second. In walks building contractor Gina Antonelli and she finds herself unable to stop thinking about her. Their story is tentative and highly erotically charged. It really worked for me.

One of the main strengths of this series of books is the inclusion of characters with family and romantic connections. Abby and Flann are planning to get married and Blake is going through his transition. Presley and Harper are blissfully married and the warm cosy feel of people who love each other and are there for the whole community is perfect. As ever Radclyffe’s books are beautifully written and are the perfect way to while away a few hours in front of the fire.

I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books in return for an honest review.

Love After Hours by Radclyffe -Amazon UK

Love After Hours by Radclyffe – Amazon US

Review of ‘Heart Stop’ by Radclyffe

Heart Stop (First Responders, #6)

Jay Reynolds had her life all planned out until an accident changed everything.  When she ends up working in the Medical Examiner’s office under the tutelage of Olivia Price, things become complicated for both of them.  Olivia is not happy at being forced to take on Jay under unusual circumstances and Jay is moving further away from her dream of being a top trauma surgeon.  I really liked both main characters and seeing how they dealt with each other and how their simmering attraction played out.  Jay was strong, capable and determined and not about to give up in any sphere of her life.  Olivia was brilliant and stunning and Jay could not resist.  But she had demons from her past and the question was whether she could ever get past them. The backstory of gang warfare and the minor characters really made this an interesting story and had me hooked.  Radclyffe is a favourite author of mine and I can always rely on her to keep me enthralled.  As always the sex scenes are extremely hot and will not fail to please.


I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Secret Hearts’ by Radclyffe


Secret Hearts

‘Secret Hearts’ is a beautifully told love story that tugs at the heart strings.  Kit ends up working at a community garden as payback for a mistake and meets Jordan, an older woman.  The attraction is instant and mutual.  As they get to know each other and work through issues they both must face the sexual tension ramps up.  It gets hot. Radclyffe is an utter genius when it comes to sex scenes as she manages to slowly build it and build it until the reader can barely wait any longer.  She also manages to draw us into the emotional intensity felt by the main characters.  And there is plenty of it in this book.  I loved it.
I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books in return for an honest review.