Review of ‘The Way You Smile’ by Kiki Archer

I have never laughed so much in my entire life. Ever. And this woman knows me! I recognised so much of myself in this book and I bet a lot of women will. Kiki Archer has the amazing knack of seeing the humour in situations we all can recognise. She is hilarious and so observant. I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole time I was reading this book. That and laughing out loud.  My chuckling every two minutes got me some very strange looks from the kids.And when I was doubled over in fits  of laughter at a certain scene in Boots they thought I’d gone mad! 

The story of thirty-something Camila, a mum returner to the workforce and Harriet, high-powered famous business woman is  funny, scorchingly hot and romantic. There is such a lovely connection between them and an honesty that shines through. This story has it all. Kiki Archer gets under the skin of Women-loving-Women. She really sees them- and it shows in every beautifully crafted page. A brilliant story that deserves 10 Stars! Highly recommended.

Review of ‘Speak Its Name’ by Kathleen Jowitt


’Speak Its Name’ by Kathleen Jowitt is ostensibly about the  political interactions between various Christian factions within Stancester University. Lydia Hawkins is part of the Christian Fellowship and is trying to keep the faith while dealing with a secret she does not want to get out. As she mixes more with other christians of various denominations she is exposed to views that are very different from her upbringing and the version of Christianity she is trying to preach in her role as Hall Officer. But it is about a whole lot more.

This book made me think, made me laugh and cry. It was about love and friendship and becoming the person you need to be. I adored it. I really liked Lydia and I admired her struggle with her faith and the secret she is trying to keep. The characters as a whole were very realistic – some wonderful people I would be happy to know – others were appalling prigs, full of their own self importance. It is an excellent story of self-realisation and was very well written. The descriptions were stunningly accurate – both of student life and of the people encountered there. I highly recommend this novel.

I was given this book for review.

Review of ‘Up on the Roof’ by A.L. Brooks


A.L. Brooks has a deft touch for writing real, flawed individuals who nevertheless make us fall in love with them. Lena is one such character. She is seemingly closed off, abrasive, rude and hard to love at first but given time and understanding I saw past all of that. She didn’t  get that way without cause. Megan, her new neighbour is kind, considerate and willing to get to know her. Their story is one of opposites who end up living together when Lena needs somewhere to live in an emergency. Can they every manage to share a flat without driving each other mad? Will they ever be more than just flat mates? I enjoyed finding out and became more and more enamoured as the story progressed.

I was given this ARC by Ylva in return for an honest review.


Review of ‘Just For Show’ by Jae


‘Just For Show’ is a Fake Girlfriend story so impeccably written and with such depth of emotion that I can see me re-reading it again and again. The storytelling appears effortless and flows so well. I wish I knew Jae’s secret! She manages to write such believable and sympathetic characters that draw us into their world so completely.

Psychologist Claire is trying to get her book on relationships published and needs to convince her prospective publisher that she is madly in love with her fiancée. The problem is she has just broken up with her fiancée and needs a new one quickly. Hiring an actress to play the part seems like the solution. Lana is the complete opposite of OCD Claire and how they deal with living together and convincing others they are in love is just perfect. Of course there is a whole lot more to Claire’s OCD behaviour and to Lana’s particular issues. These are dealt with in a caring and understanding way. I almost jumped for joy at the inclusion of Jill and Crash from ‘Just Physical’ and Laleh and Hope from ‘Heart Trouble’. Yet again Jae has penned a winner and had me swooning.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Girl Love Happens Season Two’ by TB Markinson

Wow! TB Markinson really knows how to build up the tension. In ‘Girl Love Happens’ season 2 Tegan and Gemma are in their second year of college and as usual things do not go entirely smoothly. Tegan gets herself into a pickle and her attempts to make it right are hilarious, ridiculous and had me biting my fingernails with worry. That girl knows how to make things difficult for herself.

I enjoyed this book ever more than the first as the character development is spot on and I felt immersed in the world of G&T. The sex is even hotter and rather more adventurous and who could complain about that? I just hope there will be a season three as I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Hearts Like Hers’ by Melissa Brayden


No one does adorable like Melissa Brayden. And as for romantic and heartwarming, she is unsurpassed. ‘Hearts Like  Hers’ is set in the Venice Beach area and specifically around the Seven Shores Apartment complex. Rather a lot of lesbians choose to live there and this time we find out more about coffee shop owner and all round wonderful friend Autumn. Although she has the best friends ever she is lonely and feels she has reached a point where she wants to change that. Into her life walks gorgeous firefighter Kate, a woman with troubles of her own and a need to get away from her own life in Oregon. Their story is sweet and oh so hot but they have both put up barriers. Can they get past them?

I think Autumn is my favourite character from the Seven Shores series. She is completely adorable, loving and caring and deserves to be loved by someone special. Kate is strong and capable as a firefighter but circumstances have made her doubt herself. She and Autumn have a connection that is intense and just feels right. I wanted this relationship to work.

This story made me misty eyed and happy and I realised that every Melissa Brayden book has that effect on me. I loved it!

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Is Monogamy Dead?’ by Rosie Wilby


Rosie Wilby Has reached a point in her life where relationships don’t seem to be giving her what she needs. Sex and friendship and emotional attachment are her desires but can she find them with one person? Her quest to find the answer is told in an easy-going style that weaves her own story in amongst studies and interviews she has conducted. I like this woman. She is thoughtful and intelligent and I was with her all the way as she tried to discover what would make her happy – and what caused her unhappiness in the first place. She pointed out things that made me really think – about categories we are forced into, about fitting in with the norm and exclusion. Her day job as a stand-up has allowed her to develop her thoughts on the subject over the years and her humour shines through, making this a very enjoyable read. Highly recommended.

I was given a review copy in return for an honest review

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