Review of ‘Parallel Lives’ by Karen Klyne


‘Parallel Lives’ is a exceptionally well written story of love, personal discovery and passion. I adored it. When Kaitlin Hewlett-Grace crashes into a parallel world she not only has to get used to life on a very different level but she meets a woman who is convinced that they are destined to be together. Tannus is the Chief of the women-only society Kaitlin has entered and believes a prophecy has foretold their future together. What will Kaitlin have to say about this when she finds out? Will she ever be able to settle in this new world?

Karen Klyne has a very impressive turn of phrase, one that is irreverent and  wicked and conjours up just the right image. Her world-building is deftly done and made me want to know more. I didn’t want to put it down! There was a very sensual element of desire under the surface, a sexual charge that was so enticing. Kaitlin was exposed to a life and to feelings new to her. How she dealt with them kept me enthralled. Tannus was strong on the surface but I enjoyed seeing her vulnerability as her feelings for Kaitlin grew. It was an excellent story, very emotional at times and I literally can’t wait for the next one in the series.

I received an ARC of this book from Global Wordsmiths in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Review of ‘Death in Time’ by Robyn Nyx

death in

A seriously impressive end to this amazing trilogy! ‘Death in Time’, the third book in the series has Landry dealing with the repercussions of her friend Delaney’s actions. Her work as an extractor for Pulsus, an organisation that goes back in time to make small changes for the good of the future, is becoming more difficult. And it’s the emotional toll not the physical that worries her most. She has to face her own past as well as what she really wants for her future with Jade. The mission is full-on action that never lets up. Brooke Jackson adds something a bit different as she is not from their time. I liked her and she really worked as part of the team. The story had a real depth and answered a lot of questions. We got to see a very different side to Landry as she realised what it meant to love someone so completely. And it wasn’t just her love for Jade, but for others in her circle. I felt that they had completed a journey and I am so glad to have gone along for the ride. The whole arc was exceptionally well written. I highly recommend it.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Change in Time’ by Robyn Nyx




I didn’t think it was possible to top the first in the Extractor Series by Robyn Nyx but I was wrong. ‘Change in Time’ is exciting, tense, romantic and sexy. The story centres around Landry, an Extractor for Pulsus, an organisation that sends teams back in time to change one small incident and improve the future. We saw the toll that can take on individual team members in the first book. In this instalment the consequences for Landry and for Pulsus become more serious.

Robyn Nyx has delved further into the characters emotions and their motivations. I liked seeing how Landry’s relationship with Jade changes her and makes her consider her actions more. Delaney’s mental state and how it affects the whole mission is nail-biting. The dynamic between Elena, Landry’s mother and the Pulsus boss, Jenkin, was fascinating and gave a depth to the whole backstory for me. The book was excellent and the author has left me desperate for more. I can’t wait for part 3!

I was given this ARC by Bold Strokes Books and Netgalley in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Escape in Time’ by Robyn Nyx


Escape in Time