Review of ‘Twisted Deception’ by Isabella


‘Twisted Deception’ is an excellently crafted story with more than a few surprises and just the right amount of tension and suspense. It revolves around three women – Addie Blake, hard working employee of Integrated Financial and downtrodden girlfriend, Greyson Hollister, CEO of the company and resident Ice Queen, and Detective Nancy Hill, who is investigating an attack at the company. Without giving anything away I will say that their interactions are fraught with intense emotion and in dealing with serious and scary issues we see more of their personalities and how they change each other. Addie’s relationship with her girlfriend is toxic and affects so much about her life. But I could see a strength in her that was very appealing. Greyson may be the Ice Queen to her employees but seeing the softer, caring side of her was wonderful. Nancy was tenacious and dogged in her pursuit of the attacker, but she was also understanding and willing to listen. I  must admit I did not see a few of the twists coming. And when they came they were explosive. I really enjoyed this book and would like to see these characters again. 5 Stars

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

Out 1st June 2018

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