Review of ‘The Bee Charmer’ by Ali Spooner

Tne Bee Charmer

The Bee Charmer is one of those books to wallow in, to enter a world gone by. Nat is a trader and trapper who finds her life turned upside down when her father dies. She meets beautiful widow Marissa in town and is torn between her love of the wild and her feelings for this woman. Their story and that of their friends is beautifully told, with such wonderfully descriptive writing that made me feel part of a gentler time. It took me back to a time past and I felt as if I could smell the clean air, I could imagine the woods filled with trees and animals . Pioneer life was described in intricate detail and it was fascinating. Nat and Marissa worked hard and made use of everything around them and their ingenuity knew no bounds. I loved reading about their lives and how the pioneers found ways to survive in new lands. Their story was also one of passion and sexual intensity that was quite breath-taking. Ali Spooner caught me off guard too with some surprising moments that I didn’t see coming. I adored it and highly recommend ‘The Bee Charmer’

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Review of ‘Crossing the Wide Forever’ by Missouri Vaun

Crossing the Wide Forever

‘Crossing the Wide Forever’ is an epic love story set against the background of the drive to the West.  Cody Walsh leaves for California disguised as a man, rightly thinking she will be safer and have more opportunities.  She meets Lillie Ellis, an artist who is on her way to claim her inheritance.  Their tale is one of recognising something in each other, of passion and love that was missing before.   It was beautifully told, full of  emotion and sexual intensity that took my breath away.  Keeping Cody’s secret is vital as is warding off unwanted male advances. Missouri Vaun really knows how to heighten the tension for the reader as I found myself frantically worried for the pair as they continued their trek.  I loved the descriptive language used as it made the landscape come alive.  An excellent book that I highly recommend.


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Review of ‘Faith in Rayne’ by Dannie Marsden

Faith in Rayne


I enjoyed this story of lesbian love in the Wild West.  Rayne and Lisbet live with their son Ben on a ranch but Rayne years for more land in a better location.  When she sets off for Colorado to buy some land she leaves her family behind.  Being shot leaves her with memory problems and she ends up in the arms of a conniving redhead.  Can she ever remember her past and her family? How will Lisbet react when she finds out? I liked the western setting and the interesting collection of characters around Rayne.  I haven’t read the previous books in the serious but I didn’t find that a problem.  I got into the story really quickly and now I want to go back and read more about Rayne’s past.  


I was given this ARC by Affinity ebooks in return for an honest review.


Review of ‘Back in the Saddle’ by Ali Spooner


Back in the Saddle