Review of ‘How To Write A Winning Fiction Book Outline – Crime Workbook’ by Hackney And Jones

If you are interested in writing crime fiction – and doing it well – then this is the workbook for you. I’ve wanted to write a crime novel for a long time, but couldn’t see how to bring all of the elements together. I would start with an idea, but failed to get to the finishing line. This workbook has changed that for me.

Hackney and Jones have used their considerable experience as novelists to compile a workbook that will take you from that seed of an idea, to a novel that is ready to be published. They even show you how to find editors and cover designers and how to write that all important blurb.

I learned how to structure each chapter, how to flesh out characters, and how to plot a compelling story that readers will want to devour. They also showed me what works in the crime genre and what definitely does not. They show what the best-selling crime books contain and how to tailor your own story to the market.

I found it compelling and the best writing workbook I’ve tried.

Exciting new Emotion Thesaurus coming soon!!!

I have a secret to spill!

For the last month, I’ve been part of a Street Team for Angela and Becca at Writers Helping Writers, who are launching their new writing book on February 19th. Because they are known for showing, not telling, they decided it would be fun to keep the thesaurus book’s topic a secret until the book cover reveal…WHICH IS TODAY!

It’s been hard keeping quiet about this, so I am thrilled I can finally announce that The Emotion Thesaurus Second Edition is coming!

Many of you writers know (and possibly use) the original Emotion Thesaurus.  It released in 2012 and became a must-have resource for many because it contained lists of body language, thoughts, and visceral sensations for 75 emotions, making the difficult task of showing character emotion on the page much easier.

Many people have asked Angela and Becca to add more emotions over the years that they decided to create a second edition. It contains 55 NEW entries, bringing the total to 130 emotions.

This book is almost DOUBLE IN SIZE and there’s a lot more new content, so I recommend checking it out. And you can. Right now.

Preorder Alert!

This book is available for preorder, so you can find all the details about this new book’s contents by visiting Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, and Barnes and Noble, or swinging by Writers Helping Writers. You can view the full list of emotions included in this new book, too.

One last thing…Angela & Becca have a special gift for writers HERE. If you like free education, stop by and check it out. (It’s only available for a limited time!)

Pre-Order Links:

Review of ‘Goal Setting for Writers’ by Sandra Gerth

This is the kind of book I will go back to again and again as I go through my writing process. Sandra Gerth gives us a step-by-step guide on how to realise our goals. She makes us see that it’s great to have dreams but to make them a reality we first have to decide on achievable goals and work on them.

 I loved how she breaks everything down into achievable goals and made me be more specific about what I really want. And she makes the writer think about themselves, what is important and relevant to them. The task seems more manageable and realistic. Planning how to get that book written doesn’t seem such a daunting task . I can see me following a lot of the advice 

She also gives plenty of advice on other books to read for further information and links to online resources that expand the subject. An excellent book I can highly recommend.

I was given this ARC to review.