Review of ‘Almost-Married Moni’ by Cheyenne Blue



This book was like coming home to old friends. Now that marriage equality has passed in Australia, Sue and Moni can start planning their wedding. What kind of wedding? Well, they want it simple and fuss-free but Mums tend to have a different ideas about these things. As the pair try to make sure they get the special day to their liking, friends and family converge on Mungabilly Creek and Felix and Josie’s place to help them celebrate. Their old friends Nora and Josephine come from London and Moni’s Texan clan make the trip to share in a long-awaited celebration of love. You don’t have to have read the previous three books to enjoy this one but I’m glad I have as there are so many wonderful characters I was glad to meet again. A lovely story about Australia coming through for the LGBT community. It was happy and joyful and I loved it.

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A Heart Well Traveled Volume 3 – Out 15th December!


My story ‘The Train to Glasgow Central’ is one of the stories in this Sapphire Books anthology.  I hope you will enjoy my romantic tale of Fiona and Christine and the train ride that changed their lives. There are so many wonderful stories in the anthology, masterfully edited by Sallyanne Monti. Love stories from all over the world feature and I’m sure you will be as blown away by them as I am. I am honoured to be included among so many fantastic writers whose work I have enjoyed reading over the past few years.

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Review of ‘Long Distance Coffee’ by Emma Sterner-Radley


Emma-Sterner-Radley’s writing is funny, absorbing and perceptive. She sees into the very souls of her characters and lets the reader understand so much about their motivations. ‘Long-Distance Coffee’ tells the story of Erin, a personal trainer and new mother Isabella. Their relationship is told through their interactions on social media and this piqued my interest. It is an unusual idea but it worked. I liked how they each began to change and realise why they needed to spend their nights chatting to a complete stranger. A good start to a new series by a talented writer.

I was given this ARC by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review.

Call for Submissions: Escape to Pleasure

A call for submissions for a great new anthology.

Wordly Musings


Editor: Sandy Lowe and Victoria Villasenor

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Publication Date: Winter 2018

Theme: Short story lesbian travel erotica.

When life becomes mundane, the best way to shake things up is by getting away from it all. On vacation, anything is possible and fantasies really can come true. Seduction and satisfaction are on offer for those ready to play while away.

Send us hot stories that happen away from home. Take us out of the everyday and into the exciting. Other countries, unusual places, new settings, hot women. Take your characters out of their comfort zones and see where it leads. Stories should include hot and passionate physical encounters with emotional depth to make the characters and setting come alive.

We’re open to a variety of genres and always happy to see diversity within a lesbian sexual orientation. The central…

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Review of ‘Right, Here Right Now’ by Georgia Beers


‘Right Here Right Now’ is a slow-burning sweet romance between two very different women. Lacey is an accountant who lives her life to a plan, is predictable and does not like change. Enter Lacey, a marketing and design executive who is the complete opposite. Nevertheless they click. I enjoyed them getting to know each other and finding out about their different businesses and friends. The connection is sexy, emotional and very hot. I really wanted them to make it and Georgia Beers certainly knows how to pitch the ‘will they won’t they?’ question perfectly. Alicia surprised me more and was not the person I thought at the beginning. Lacey blossomed in her presence and this was my favourite element of the book. I would have liked a bit more of their story, what happened next. 4.5 Stars.

I was given this ARC by Bold Strokes Books and Netgalley in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘My Inner Dom’ by Layla Holiday



This is the second in the Cops Gone Wild series and I have been eagerly anticipating this volume. Kat Kody is a cop facing her own demons as well as coping with a case causing her nightmares. ‘My Inner Dom’ takes the story further and into areas I hadn’t seen coming. It’s intriguing and extremely hot and sexy. It is also disturbing in how Kat reacts to this case of the body in the bath. Her colleague Anna Stone has sparked something in her that brings back who she used to be. And I’m not sure I like the person she used to be. I look forward to finding out more and whether she will go back to what she was or be able to hold on to who she has become. Layla Holiday writes sublime erotica and has me hooked.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.


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Review of ‘Time Will Tell’ by M Ullrich


‘Time Will Tell’ is not your run of the mill romance. I found it dark, intense, unexpected. It is also beautifully romantic and sexy and tells of a love that is for all time. I really enjoyed it. Eva lives with her abusive drunk of an uncle after her parents are murdered. The only light in her life is her best friend Casey, who she is completely and utterly besotted with. Of course she doesn’t tell her this. Casey is all set to go to college and become a doctor and Eva is distraught at the thought of being without her. I can’t go into too much detail about the actual story although the blurb does mention time travel. This is part of it but by no means the main point. Suffice to say this is a book about two women, an all-encompassing love and how far we are willing to go for the one we love. I have no hesitation in recommending it as I loved it and it’s great to see something a bit different in the romance genre. 5 Stars.

I was given this ARC by Bold Strokes and Netgalley in return for an honest review.

Review of ‘Little Dip – Garoul Series V’ by Gill McKnight

Little dip

This is the first Garoul Series book I’ve read and it won’t be the last. In fact I’m so enamoured by the Garoul clan that I am going to have to go and read every single one of them as soon as possible. I know Gill McKnight is a talented writer, having read several of her books already, but I didn’t realise just how good until now. She has a brilliant turn of phrase, and has truly mastered the art of sarcasm – and I can’t resist a sarcy woman.

Connie Fortune, wildlife photographer and illustrator takes a trip into the wilds of Oregan hoping to find an elusive cuckoo. She finds more than she bargained for when she becomes embroiled in the lives of the Garouls. Matriarch Sylvie is intriguing but it’s her daughter Marie that captures Connie’s attention. Not that Connie wants her attention captured, but sometimes things don’t go the way we plan. What exactly is going on at the Garoul compound? Why can’t she stay well away – and why is Marie and her infuriating ways constantly on her mind?

I liked the Garouls, they were fascinating and I wanted to know more – much more. Marie was unbelievably sexy and when she was around things were hot, primal and urgent. The story was addictive and engrossing and I loved it. I need a lot more of the same – and soon.

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Review of ‘Shades of Blue’ by Olivia Janae


Olivia Janae has surpassed herself and I didn’t think that would be possible after ‘The Loudest Silence’. ‘Shades of Blue’ sees Kate and Vivian living in bliss with Kate’s son Max, but thanks to Vivian’s interfering mother, Jacqueline, that bliss is short lived. Heart-breaking doesn’t even cover it when things start to go on a downward spiral. The author has the knack of writing characters that are so real and so well developed that I could not help but become part of their story. Kate has the most amazing strength and has had to make a life for herself and Max with no help from anyone. Her need for stability and certainty is what drives her. Vivian may be the archetypal Ice Queen but she has good reason to be that way and I felt her vulnerability and loved her all the more for it.The story was tantalising and immersive and I was conflicted between reading at double quick pace to find out what happened next, and taking it slow as I did not want it to ever end. The writing drew me in, in a way very few authors can. The emotions were raw and painful, sexy and beautiful. This book was utterly brilliant and would make an amazing film (hint hint Jade Winters and Kiki Archer). Five stars are not enough to convey how much I loved this story – it deserves so much more.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

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