I only post reviews if I can give it a 3 star or more. 

I don’t post negative reviews. If I don’t like a book I won’t post the review, but I will tell the author why, if they want to know.

I don’t read and review books with abuse, rape, very depressing, negative storylines, strong religious themes or horror. I prefer stories without too much angst.

I prefer mystery, sci-fi, dystopian, fantasy and paranormal.

I also love reviewing nonfiction history books .

I review for the love of books and sharing with other readers.

If I review your book, I will require a paperback copy or epub file. Kindle no longer supports mobi files and pdf files do not work well on a Kindle for novel reading. Any books that include maps or photos are preferable in paperback/hardback.

Please go to the Contact page if you wish to request a review or to feature on my Instagram page.