anne hagan cakes

I really enjoyed finding out more about Hannah in this sweet romantic story set around Christmas. She’s been a part of the Morelville clan for a while now and we get to find out about her time at culinary school as she tries to improve her skills. She has been running her own bakery but keeps it a secret from Chef and her classmates. A friendship arises out of working alongside Morgan on a big class project, but they both seem to want more. Morgan has some secrets of her own though and must deal with them before the path of true love can ever run smooth. I love that some of my favourite characters were also included. Mel and Dana have been there for Hannah all along and by including her in their wider family the warm and welcoming feeling of all of Anne Hagan’s Morelville Books comes shining through. I just hope she has many more such stories up her sleeve as I am well and truly hooked.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.


One thought on “Review of ‘Christmas Cakes and Kisses’ by Anne Hagan

  1. Thank you for your wonderful review. I’m glad you liked the book. It was fun to take a little detour and write about Hannah. I have a feeling there may be a bit more in store for Hannah and Morgan…

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