death in

A seriously impressive end to this amazing trilogy! ‘Death in Time’, the third book in the series has Landry dealing with the repercussions of her friend Delaney’s actions. Her work as an extractor for Pulsus, an organisation that goes back in time to make small changes for the good of the future, is becoming more difficult. And it’s the emotional toll not the physical that worries her most. She has to face her own past as well as what she really wants for her future with Jade. The mission is full-on action that never lets up. Brooke Jackson adds something a bit different as she is not from their time. I liked her and she really worked as part of the team. The story had a real depth and answered a lot of questions. We got to see a very different side to Landry as she realised what it meant to love someone so completely. And it wasn’t just her love for Jade, but for others in her circle. I felt that they had completed a journey and I am so glad to have gone along for the ride. The whole arc was exceptionally well written. I highly recommend it.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

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