‘Against All Odds’ is a heart-achingly beautiful love story. Peyton and Tory meet under tragic circumstances and have to deal with so much together in the aftermath.  The connection between them was intense and true and felt completely natural. It was also unbelievably sexy and the intimate moments captured the feelings they had for each other so well.  I liked getting to know them through their individual chapters. Each of the three authors wrote a character and it really worked.  Their styles intertwined seamlessly and  I hope they may consider doing another book together in this way. The appalling situation that brings them together is full of tension and suspense. It introduces us to Bradley, a class A creep and psycho. Weaving his thoughts through the story was chilling but highly effective. An excellent novel that had me gripped till the very end.

I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Bold Strokes for review.

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