When Kara moves to Kansas to have her baby alone, she is carrying a lot of secrets in her heart and is certainly not looking for love. Bumping into a gorgeous woman in scrubs when she has a dizzy turn, she can’t imagine that life doesn’t always work out the way you planned. This is a truly beautiful story of two women who slowly find out that they can’t live without each other. Kara’s broken heart is not going to mend anytime soon and her love for
Alyssa keeps her from committing to Tiny(Jaclyn). I so wanted her to be open with Tiny and let her in. I felt sure Tiny would understand. They were so amazingly hot together and their love shone through – even if they couldn’t see it yet! They both had to deal with problems that could ruin it all though. As Kara’s Dr , Tiny was taking an enormous risk with her career and the tension over the situation was palpable. Tiny took too many risks but she was so far gone that Kara only had to speak her name and she was weak at the knees . I loved both of these women and was willing them to make it. A truly engrossing love story that will leave your heart racing .

5 stars!

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